Tuesday, March 06, 2007

and one more..

because we didn't see these cousins very often, the times we did play together are quite vividly etched in my memory. this was taken at chuck e cheese, probably around 86 or 87. i remember meredith's zebra shirt and running after jennifer, watching her long hair seeming to float behind her. funny, jennifer, never thought you were talking about your own ears until i took a closer look at this picture! :) that's my brother andy up top and my other brother james looking a little pouty on the left. looks like this picture was taken shortly after james decided to give himself a haircut. is it just me, or is there a bit of tristan in that face? and, of course there's me with my bowl cut. the shirt i'm wearing had little balloons on the corner and they felt velvety. amazing the details the brain picks up, eh? the other time we played together that i can remember was at grama and grampas house, in the backyard. we played simon says. it might have been just meredith there that day.

anyhow, things are up and down a bit, but i'm getting at least a couple hours of sleep per day into that boy. once he gets less cranky and sleep deprived and more himself, i'm planning on focusing more on the routine (i'm following it now, just a tad loosely in order to at least get him to sleep) happy plans for dinner at josh's folks with jessica and the kids tonight (i feel spoiled..2 dinners in one week!) thanks for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwe. I love looking at way back when pictures.

Jennifer, we know who your daughter looks like now. I spotted "her" right away!


Janet said...

I love looking at pictures from my childhood. Its fun to remember all the good times we had as kids.

Its great to hear that you and tristan are doing better. My life still gets stressed out with my kids, you just have to learn to stand back from the situation for a sec and let it sink in. Then take another approach. Your doing great :)

Jennifer said...

ah ha...that was a nice surprise.
Seriously who's ears did you think I was referring too?! Thankfully once the head grows they start to fit more.
Maybe Mer can help us to pinpoint the year.
I remember this photo being taken.
It was the first time I played that game, bonk the head of the thing poping up through the hole with a malet...
I never thought about comparing ones brothers to thier son, mainly because I don't have one...but that is cool. Jamie/Tristan-ness I see for sure.
Next I'd like to see baby pics of both you and Josh lined up next to Tristan. At your convenience of course :)

Miranda said...

I agree with Jen,I wanna see the baby pics of you Josh and Tristan. Love to see some of those from all the cousins, they are always neat to see all together.

Grandma J. said...

This would have been pre 1986 because Cherie was born in 86 and we would no way have taken a picture without all of you in it, uhhh, lemme go check my photo album, I always put dates on the backs of pics. Thanks for waiting - May 19th, 1985 to be precise, a Sunday with Grandpa and Grandma Abrahams treating us all. Good memories because we didn't get to see the girls too often.

Jennifer said...

Knew it was Mer's b-day (18th).
Was thinking more 84/85, myself.

Meredith said...

I knew that it was my birthday. And I was too tall to go into the ball pit by like 1 inch and they weren't willing to bend the rules for a birthday girl. grrr trauma.
I also knew it was 85 b/c my mom was pregnant and wasn't quite telling people. Oh, and I have no scar. :(
While I am on the subject of what I know, I remember the backyard and simon says too.
Thanks for the walk down mem.lane.
This is one of my favotite pictures to see at grammas in her den.

Z-Mama said...

Yes, I see Heidi's son and Jennifer's daughter in those faces there...amazing your children can look so much like your siblings!

Cherie said...

ahh chucky cheese... i love jamies hair, it looks amazing... i think i see some tristan too!!and that pioneer girls bike riding... i think i was there... remember dad had that red lil thing he put behind his bike and moms for me! i remember going to get sport in that thing:) oh and your welcome for all the advice;) you know, the expierenced mother here...
xx cherie
(am i the only single person on your blogger list!?!?)