Wednesday, March 28, 2007

lovely time had by all (though it still felt too short)

the day my parents leave is always a little bit emotional for me. they like to get on the road early in the morning, so josh usually leaves for work right around the same time they drive off, and i'm left alone to wander around the empty house, sniffling and feeling homesick. this time, it was even more difficult to say goodbye, knowing that my parents will be missing out on so much of tristan's life. there were tears and then they were gone, but instead of wandering around alone, i had tristan with me to cheer me up with his giggles and coos. a new countdown begins: less than 4 months until we see my family again!

i searched through all of the MANY pictures that were taken last week for one that i could post on this blog. tristan made it into nearly EVERY SINGLE PICTURE, so sorry to those who don't have access, but there will be plenty of pictures showing up on tristan's picture blog. we had a wonderful time, mostly just relaxing and enjoying tristan. i was able to leave tristan with my mom and run a few errands sans bebe, which was lovely. josh and i went out for dinner together one night while my parents watched tristan. my mom and i spent an entire day with tristan out shopping. we got tristan's passport photos taken (a very intersting experience) and his passport is now being expidited so that we can take him with us to canada in july. my dad made his famous pork steak & vegetable dish for us one evening, which was a big hit. oh yes, and what would a visit to ramona be without having lunch at the local boll weevil?

on sunday, we had our pastor dedicate tristan to the Lord during the church service. it worked out well, since my parents just happened to be coming the weekend that it was happening. our pastor had the whole family come up to the front with us (great-gramps, grandparents, aunt & uncle, and cousins too!) which made it really very special. tristan did very well, not making much of a peep even though he was quite tired. the entire sermon was on family, so it all tied in quite well. pastor gary will be leaving our church next month and, since he was also the one who performed our (first) marriage ceremony, we really wanted him to dedicate tristan.

it was lovely just relaxing and having my mom take over a lot of caring for tristan. he fell head over heels in love with her and gave her huge smiles and giggles. tristan also enjoyed my dad, giving him shy smiles every now and then. my mom helped me so much just be encouraging me and showing me different ways of helping him fall sleep. he got so good at taking his naps while she was here that he slept through the night 5 of the 7 nights! he is becoming more and more enjoyable by the day and his little personality is starting to come through. i can't believe he's 12 weeks old already!

yeah, i know i've got to get some pictures up here, my blog is beginning to look a little blah. here's something interesting: josh found my first gray hair a few days ago. i was in total shock. although, i guess i shouldn't be; kids add stress. josh began getting gray hair after we got married and he still blames it on me till this day. one more thing...please be in prayer for my little brother and sister, james and cherie. james just flew over to glasgow, scotland where my sister has been living. they are going to be traveling europe together for the next 6 weeks (i know, drool, drool), so prayers for safety would be appreciated. they'll fly home together in may and my mom will finally have one of her daughters back living in the same country as her :)


Miranda said...

Yay for sleeping through the night! Must make everyone happy :)

Jennifer said...

my first gray hair was found at the tender age of 19 :)