Thursday, March 15, 2007

no pictures, but...

just spent the last 8 minutes waiting for a picture to upload to my blog, and was finally told that it could not happen. gotta love dial up. anyhow, while waiting, i decided to read some of my archives and discovered that 2 years ago, josh and i still lived in our cozy little duplex with a "hobbit hole" for a backyard, we had planted tulips that we just starting to pop up, and i had a job interview that i was quite nervous about. i can remember feeling quite isolated and often lonely (i had been living here for 10 months at the time) and it amazes me how much has changed since then. back then i knew only 3 other bloggers (cara, aimee and denise) and i've got to say that blogging has really been huge for me in keeping touch with my friends and not feeling so far away. i look at my links list now and love the fact that if my cousins from colorado were to visit, i'd know what they've been up to this past year. the last time we saw our niece sarah, she wasn't even walking yet, but i am able to see what her latest phrases and favourite toys are with the click of a button. who knows how many friendships may have fallen in the wayside if we hadn't had the opportunity to share our lives this way. i'm so thankful for the blogging world and for those of you who read and care about what i'm up to.

okay, enough mushy gush. i have been wracking my brain, trying to come up with something bloggable other than my child's sleeping habits. here's something i thought i'd throw out, though i must say i still feel awful every time i think of it. so, last weekend we took tristan to a nearby camp site to visit our friends mike and sara who were camping there with their 3 kids. we're chatting and mike points to a kid's bicycle that has a completely bent back wheel. he says, "look what sara did to ryan's bike!" i put my hand over my mouth and said to sara, "oh no, did you sit on it?" okay, WHY did i say this?? no, i wasn't trying to be funny...i suppose i looked at it and thought "hmmm, that's probably what would have happened if i had sat on it". sara, of course was horrified and screetched "NO!!! i DROVE over it!!!" josh literally shielded me with his arms and said, "stay away from my wife!" luckily for me, sara still likes me (at least i'm hoping she does) and, for the record, she is very slim and wouldn't have been able to damage that bike with her butt if she had tried. and no, i'm not just trying to butter her up.

*josh just called and the first thing he said was "are you blogging?" he shouldn't even have to ask.*


running wildly said...

Cute post, luv. Thanks for the smile.

Lovella said...

Oh goodness, Terry comes in from outside and I quickly run from the office into the kitchen, otherwise he'll catch me and say, Blogging? that figures.
Well, Heidi, you changed my life. Yours was the first blog I read and I fell in love with blogging because of you. Keep posting.
I'm sorry for that crazy dial up. I will be thankful for the few minutes that I am expected to wait.

heidi said...

haha, lovella, i can't count the number of times i've made a quick escape from my office as well, just in time to greet my hubby at the door. somehow, he usually knows,, i had no idea that my blog was the first one you read! feeling a little proud of myself right now...;)