Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

after an extended absence from on line activities (in my case, a weekend is considered extended absence) i always find it difficult to choose whether to post on my own blog, or read all of my favourites. today i decided to read my favourites first (my darling little boy is taking quite the long nap right now, which is allowing me to do this) but quickly became distraught when i found that i could no longer read or post comments. and there were many comments that i really badly wanted to post! so, to avoid further frustration, i thought i should stick to writing a new post and work out my computer problems later.

easter was lovely. and for all of the americans reading this, by saying easter i really mean the entire weekend. in canada we celebrate good friday, easter sunday AND easter monday. down here, it seems that only sunday is called easter. anyhow...we celebrated easter on saturday with the family. tristan did very well being out and about all day, even taking a few short naps in his Gran's crib (yipee!) he did sleep through the excitement of finding easter eggs and easter baskets. kaylee and john were generous enough to share a few of their eggs with him, though. the weather was overcast and chilly, but we still spent most of the day outside, picking strawberries and artichokes, playing with kaylee's hen named cindy, riding around on the lawn mower & just chatting and being together.

one person that we missed incredibly was gramps. he was admitted into the hospital wednesday night because of severe stomach pains. so far, his chemotherapy hasn't been giving him any awful side effects, for which we've been thankful. but he lost his appetite early in the week and then got those terrible pains. after running a million different tests, they've found that he has colitis. so he will hopefully be discharged soon. we all talked to him on speakerphone and wished him a happy easter. poor gramps.

because of spring break, we won't be having bible study this week, which means that josh won't be spending tonight and tomorrow evening preparing for it. i'm VERY excited about this, just because i've been feeling lately as if we really haven't spent much time together. i usually go to bed at around 8:30 just to be sure and get a proper sleep in, while josh stays up. on the weekends he's being doing extra work at side jobs, which has been a great blessing for us, but also a bit of a bummer because we aren't together as a family. so, we already have a trip to costco tomorrow evening planned and we're hoping to rent the pursuit of happyness tonight. as with most evenings, i'm sure there will be MANY interruptions, but hey, that's life with a baby.

oh yes, and i had a couple of easter pictures on here, but for some reason they won't publish and i'm not in the mood to try and figure it out. may post them separately later.


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I heard that Ramona is having a Tractor Race. I'm not kidding it was in the weekly newspaper. I think that Jessica, Kaylee & Josh would make a great team!!! Get your motor running...

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Happy easter babe.

Hope that boy is being just peaches for ya.