Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a picture to brighten up my blog

josh took this picture last night in our backyard. i'm posting it, lovingly, for my father who kept lamenting when he was here, "i can't believe i forgot to bring my bird book!" i forgot the name of it, so dad, be so kind as to comment and tell us all what it is. i think josh said oriole?


Christina said...

I would like 2 right now be laying under that palm tree, gazing at that blue sky, cocktail in hand... lucky girl

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart, Yes that is a Hooded Oriole. Just needs to be a bit more orange rather than yellow. The Baltimore is orange with a black head. Range: breeds in SW U.S., Northern Mexico. Habitat: Open woods, shade trees, palms. Watch for that Belted Kingfisher that we saw by your lake. He chatters alot.

Love, Dad.

Kathy said...

I can totally hear your dad's voice as I read his post. Exactly.
I saw some new pictures that your mom had. Pretty cute little guy you have!