Thursday, June 07, 2007

our newest addition

if there's one thing having tristan has shown me, its that life is unpredictable and i need to GET USED TO IT! last night was our bible study which usually goes until around 8:15. for the past week, tristan has been going to bed at around 8.30, so it looked like i'd be able to go for once and take him with me. all day long his naps were lining up perfectly so that his last nap would end just before we'd leave. except that he decided at the last minute that he wasn't going to take his last nap. i tried to get him to sleep for a good 15 min, then gave up and gave him his bath, then tried AGAIN to get him to sleep. by this time it was too late for me to go anyhow, but the kid was tired and needed to sleep! 2 1/2 hours later he finally settled for the night. i was thinking that because his bedtime was so late, perhaps he'd sleep in a little bit? i shouldn't have bothered to hope. he was up at 3am wide awake and wanting to play! it took me an hour to get him back to sleep, and another hour for me to get back to sleep. then at 6am he was up for the day. i vaguely remember something called "Sleeping in" it used to mean waking up at 9am. now, the thought of sleeping until 7:00 sounds like an impossible dream!

despite being sleepy, i'm using a precious 45 min segment (that tristan calls a nap) not to nap myself, but to blog a bit. so. we now have tv. i mean, we've always had A tv. now we actually get channels. never in my life have i had cable tv before. growing up, our family didn't even own a tv until i was halfway through elementary school. we had rabbit ears for the longest time so that we could watch all of 3 channels. then our family's technology advanced with the setup of the great big tv antenna that sat (and still sits) on top of the roof of the house. that allowed us to view an additional 3 channels....all for free! my dad set up a little gizmo inside the house that turned the attenna outside. so if we wanted to watch channel 2, we'd have to move a dial first, moving the antenna so that channel 2 wouldn't be clouded with static. my friends made fun of us.

when we were first married, i was waiting for my green card and was unable to work. we cut costs wherever we could and getting cable was not on the top of our list of priorities. instead we played games together, weeded the garden, hung out with friends. once we were able to afford tv, we decided against it because we enjoyed our life without one. well, just a few weeks ago, along came a deal that we (or should i say josh) simply could not pass up. a very affordable rate on satellite tv. we discussed it a bit, figured out how much it would really cost, did our homework. in the end i reluctantly agreed to try it out. i think josh has been going through withdrawal for the past few years without his espn. so we got it hooked up and guess what? i really like it! i get to watch moms in labor, see how to make authentic bruschetta, get ideas and weight loss tips from the celebrities, and of course get the latest scoop on what paris hilton is up to now. honestly, it's not that bad. there are some shows i enjoy. and we've both decided NOT to be one of those families who's tv is on all day long. when tristan's awake, the tv gets turned off...provided there isn't some all-important baseball game on.


Jennifer said...

the only constant is change.

boooo tv.

Anonymous said...

Well I missed you last night at biblestudy, but I understand. It sounds like he's starting to get a little bit of a schedule. Can't wait to have you come back to meet with us.
Take care & love that baby of yours,

Lovella said...

you know, I confess that I often have the TV on in the background for "company". Bad I know. It's usually on the food channel . . .(I find I'm hungry a lot).
Just recently I have tried to remember to turn it off. It seems silence is nice.
Oh my goodness, I so remember dragging our kids to bible study only to spend half the evening in the bedroom with them, trying to get them to settle. Fun times. I'm happy to report, that it does end . . .. after a while. I sure feel for you.

Cherie said...

Now there you are in California with your big ole unlimited channels... and here i sit... with the good ole 8 channels... yes now it is now 8!!!!!
and you planning to get rid of your dial up anytime soon?? i can use that to persuade dad to get broadband!!!!

Danna said...

Oh Heidi your post made me chuckle to myself. When we moved we cancelled our tv to get high speed internet! I believe my hubby misses tv terribly!

James Abrahams said...

We all know that the television is the unholy result of a drug-induced one-night stand between the devil and Chuck Norris. Beware its brain sucking powers!!!