Monday, May 28, 2007

a bit o' time

happy memorial day, all you fellow yanks! this weekend has been super busy for us and i'm just finding a free moment here this evening while tristan takes his last little nap. there is a bbq going on at our friends' mike and sara's house. i was there earlier, then quickly booted it back home so that tristan could take a nap and not be a cranky little boy. once he wakes up, we're heading on back there for dinner :) kind of a pain, but he's so particular about where he sleeps, the little stinker.

our anniversary dinner was lovely. thanks for your encouraging comments. i had such a peace that entire day about leaving tristan. my mom had emailed me a comment that her co-worker said to her, "well, he'll still have 2 arms and 2 legs when she gets back to him, even if he cries the whole time!" that also really helped put things in perspective. every time a tristan-thought popped into my brain, i simply banished it with the help of a delicious glass of red wine and my handsome hubby sitting across from me :) the food was delicious, as always and i couldn't believe that we found things to talk about other than our son! when we pulled into josh's parent's driveway after dinner, we could hear tristan crying from outside! yup, he pretty much cried the whole time with only a couple of interludes, but he was all in one piece and even gave his gran a couple of smiles before we took him home!

i so badly wanted someone to take an anniversary picture of us, just so i'd have something colorful to post on this blog, but of course we forgot. i just checked all of the pictures currently on the camera and none are tristanless, so there you have it. another blah looking post. there is a picture of a catfish that someone caught in our pond, but at the last minute i decided not to add it, since a blah looking blog is better than an ugly looking one :) josh is nearly done digging up the grass and so next weekend i'm looking forward to picking out some flowers! i'm for sure getting foxgloves, though nothing else is set in stone. i'm sure we'll be inspired once we arrive at the nursery.

oh, yes and a big HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my little sister cherie!! she is finally back home in canada after over 2 years abroad...mostly in scotland, but also galavanting around morocco, rwanda and most lately all over europe. hope you have a fun day today, sis and i'm so looking forward to seeing you


Shannon said...

newsy updates are great too! Nice to hear how things are going in your world.

Poor tristan. Well, poor people looking after Tristan. ;) I'm glad you have such great sports to love and watch him so you guys can get away.

Jennifer said...

I bought foxglove seeds today!
Also lupine, shasta daisy, and some lavender, and a climbing rose called pinata, and a couple of pansies...supposedly hearty. Can you believe silly me bought roses that croked in this climate.

How's that for not talking about motherhood or Tristan.

The wait to see you all is just about killing me :(

Yup its me said...

Glad to hear you had a good anniversary.

Its always hard at first to let the little ones out of sight, soon though you will be looking for open arms to take him just so you can get a break. lol.

Cherie said...

Aw thank heidi for the Happy Birthday wishes!:) I had a good day:) Im soo happy you had a good anniversary dinner! that is good:) One month and a half and I will see you!! yay!!!

Janet said...

Congrats on your aniversary.

I know that meltdowns are hard to handle sometimes, Kolbly is at the 2 year old meltdown stage. I want to just pull my hair out sometimes. But when the kids go to bed and I sit in the quietness I can smile about the fun moments we had that day.

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and WIsdom to know the difference."

Hope to see you in group tonight!

Lovella said...

I thought it was terribly sweet the way youd mentioned that he gave his gran a smile before he went home.
I just want you to know that I have a perfectly vivid imagination and I could just imagine you and your husband enjoying a glass of wine together. Who needs pictures, we only want a word from you. Cheers.

eipwek said...

Glad to hear you had a good anniversary! It seems like a date night for DH and I is eons away :)

Sorlil said...

Small world (and ok Scotland is a small country) but your sis is not really that far from where I live! Glad you had a nice anniversary and well as you said Tristan survived, I'm really looking forward to having a night out.

chandra said...

thanks for sharing your blog with me heidi. i just got the email today, so happy late anniversary! this is a good idea. i might have to set one up.