Friday, July 27, 2007

the way things used to be

this picture was taken without the intention of ever posting it on a public blog for all the world to see. honestly. i was striking this pose just for my hubby 2 years ago while on vacation in kauai. i remember seeing the picture later and thinking how ridiculous i looked. i see the picture now and honestly can't believe that was me! so its been nearly 7 months since i pushed tristan out of my belly. for some reason, i thought my belly would have recovered from that by now. i know that they say ..."it takes 9 months for your body to grow so large and 9 months for it to shrink back to its former size" but i'm getting a little impatient. never mind that my weight gain over those 9 months totalled 65lbs! i've never really had a problem with weight before in my life, so having these last stubborn 20lbs clinging to my frame is tempting to me to hide in tentlike clothes so unflattering that i'd be a great contestant for the "what not to wear" show.
after FINALLY realizing that nursing was not helping the weight "just melt off" as so many promised, i began exercising in earnest: i now walk every day. :) okay, okay so i know that walking may be seen as such a cop out for exercise, but i have a phobia of gyms and running poses a bit of a problem due to the whole nursing thing. (won't go into more detail about that) i walk for 30 min every day up a very steep hill near my house. and i push tristan in the stroller and sweat like a piggy, so i KNOW i'm getting a workout. that helped me get to the weight i'm at now, but i've plateaued again. i've considered walking up 2 very steep hills instead of just 1, but 30 min is all tristan seems to be able to handle in the stroller at the moment (he's getting into a bit of a whiny phase.) and so, i am very reluctantly starting a new eating plan on monday. our friend miriam who lives in victoria gave me a book called "eating alive". miriam is slim and oh so healthy and full of energy, so i read the whole book and then went to the health food store and bought the oddest ingredients like kelp and sea salt and brown rice (who the HECK eats brown rice??!) to make these meals for the next 3 week that will apparently detoxify me and help my body begin to digest food better etc. etc.
i made a chocolate cake last night with the most scrumptious chocolate icing and i plan on devouring it before monday begins. tonight i plan on finishing off the bag of chips sitting in the pantry and may steal a couple of josh's oreos as well.
speaking of josh, he never really felt better after returning home from canada. after sleepless nights with fevers and aches and coughs, he finally saw a doctor yesterday who diagnosed him with pnemonia. my poor husband. so i am doing my best not to touch him much and josh is doing his best not to touch tristan much for fear of one of us getting the same thing. we even have separate towels for drying our hands now!
will let you all know how the new eating plan turns out.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Wow, Josh really was a trooper in Canada, fighting pneumonia and all. Get well soon! Your wife is planning on getting back to oh-la-la, and you're going to need your strength for that.

Alvin & Denise Engler said...

hey heidi -- don't feel bad... its been almost 2 years since my last baby and i'm *still* fighting the flab.

want to join our sit up challenge?


Rachel Z said...

DE - are you still doing the sit-up challenge?! Good for you.

Heidi, I hate to break it to you but I'm finding that for some people, the weight totally comes off and they're back into their pre-prego jeans and everything cute. For the rest of us ... the weight eventually comes down but the shape is forever changed. Eating healthy and keeping active is my current plan (not that I stick to it!), and I'm curious to hear how your detox goes.

Alvin & Denise Engler said...

yah rachel... 10,000 is a LOT. we're not even a quarter of the way done. you're welcome to join as well. we could use some more competition... perhaps we could think about letting both you and heidi in with a handicap for the delayed start?

its really working... the other day my mil commented that i am "wasting away"... yah... thats the POINT!!


Lovella said...

30 minute walk a day . .that's kind of my style of excersice too. We've gone to eating brown rice and whole wheat pasta and it's amazing how these little differences are so much healthier, and now white rice seems kind of "unnutty" to me.

I must say, I really thought you were very beautiful when I saw you. I know it's about being healthy and I agree with that, but you really are a beautiful young mom.

Anonymous said...

You're still hot girl! But I know what you mean. It is easier for some than others to work the weight off. I have to lose 1/3 of my body weight after this baby is born. How terrifying is that? I wistfully remember the days when there was no "W" in my size tag

The eliptical is a good way to get heavy carido when you are ready to run but afraid of giving yourself a black eye when your chest hits you in the face. (no impact)


Jennifer said...

Yeah, I'm drinking a beer.
I *heart* what not to wear!
Plateaus suck but they can be broken.
Take heart love, your not the only one.

sara said...

heidi you big stud!! i am excited to hear about your detox!!

Meredith said...

We did everything that Dr. Matsen of Eating Alive said to do (we even saw him!) and Chris lost tons of weight in detoxing. we go on and off the stage 1 diet on a regular basis. I am sure it will work for you. I on the other hand am more like Rachel, forever changed.:)