Friday, August 17, 2007


pictures of other people's wounded body parts seem to give me the shivers. so, just in case some of my readers have the same reaction, i'm posting this picture to be obnoxious. this is what happens when you're in a swimming pool, kicking your feet in close proximity to a beach umbrella in the water. i'm not sure if my poor toe is sprained or broken, but it really hurts and it's difficult to walk and i'm quite annoyed. that's my little complaint for the day.

so....josh's hair. well, he's not had short hair in 10 years. i've never seen him with short hair except for in pictures, and he was so young that i couldn't really tell what he'd look like with it short. he's been talking about cutting it for some time now. its been really really hot out lately(like in the 100's) and a lot of days he has to work in buildings without AC. the other thing that's been prompting him to go short is our sweet cherubic son's chubby fingers grabbing and pulling our hair whenever its within his grasp. so, josh came home from work last thursday and announced that he wanted to cut his hair. now. i called zandra up because she cuts hair, and she really wanted to do it, but was busy. so the 3 of us piled into the car and off we went to the cheap local hair salon and off came a great big mop of hair. and i can't believe it but i FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! you should have seen the pile of hair on the floor; it looked like it was going to up and walk away at any moment! i really didn't know how he'd look and we were both surprised by how brunette he is, probably because he was always wearing a hat outside, which shielded his hair from the sun. tristan didn't find anything strange about his made-over daddy and went to him without hesitation. we both just love it, though i still do double takes once in awhile.
***i just want to say right here that this is a new paragraph, but whenever i post a picture, the paragraphs all go wonky. just so you know.***
well, tristan's second tooth finally made an appearance a few days ago. he's been much happier since, though his night wakings haven't gotten any better. he has also suddenly decided to not like his veggies unless they are store bought. this is a royal pain because of all the time i put into cooking, pureeing and freezing my own baby food. i have no idea why he doesn't like mine (tastes fine to me!) so for now i'm buying the organic baby food and mixing it with my own. i tried giving him a bottle of formula yesterday just to see if he'd take it. josh and i would like to go on a date this weekend, but since he's been eating on such a regular schedule, i'm finding it impossible to pump any milk since my body seems to only produce milk when its time for him to eat. well, the formula did not go over well. he just looked up at me as if to say "you've GOT to be kidding me!" i don't blame him, to be honest, because that stuff smells pretty weird. josh tried to give him another bottle of it later and he had the same reaction. so, as long as our date falls within the timing of 2 of his feedings, we'll be okay.
***new paragraph***
we had a busy weekend last weekend, going up to temecula for johnny's 3rd birthday, and tomorrow we're celebrating my mom in law's birthday at our house. you would NEVER guess that she's 55. she doesn't seem to mind her age at all; in fact she's quite looking forward to getting the seniors discount on her drycleaning! will posts some cute pics of the boy on his blog soon. oh yes, and i wanted to mention that i've finally gotten around to updating my links list. the list should represent which blogs i am currently reading. one i would encourage you all to visit is lori's blog. she's a friend of mine from church with a son 6 months older than tristan. she's very gifted with words and tends to find humor in many situations...her posts always make me smile. hope you all have a great weekend!


Lori said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad that you find my postings to be blogerific. As we just got back from a week at high school camp, you can look forward to interesting posts sometime soon. :-)

Shannon said...

Tristan is old enough for juice maybe? Between real food and such I wouldnt worry about formula or not being able to pump, he'll be just fine. Unless you're gone all day :) I couldnt pump a drop after two months. If you're gone for over 4 hours you could consider a few ounces of goatsmilk instead of the formula. That is how we got Ellie to start taking formula when my own milk dried out (from being pregnant) Powdered goatsmilk.

Sorlil said...

wow two teeth already! toe looks sore but I'm more impressed that you have time to paint your toenails!!

Miranda said...

ouch. i hope your toe is feeling better.

Lovella said...

Your posts always make me smile too.
Terribly brilliant of you to have such pretty toes, and I do hope the bruising subsides and I do hope the date is stupendous. ..