Wednesday, August 08, 2007

would you like to come on a walk with us?

while our landlords are away on vacation, we are in charge of feeding their animals. tristan and i incorporate it into our morning walk. today, i'm bringing you with me.
first stop is to visit the pig. there used to be 2 pigs, but one was just sold at the country fair. josh feeds the pig before work because i was too chicken to go into it's pen to give it food. apparently, he likes to nibble on toes. we always say hi and listen to him grunt and snort in reply. tristan is usually quite speechless in the presence of the pig, but once we start walking away from it, he sure begins jabbering away about what he thought.

from the stables, you can see our little green house. yesterday i picked some of the yellow wildflowers to brighten up my kitchen table.

tristan watches the horses and goats eat. today it seemed to make him hungry, so i gave him a plastic apple toy to munch on :)

the billy goat doesn't like to share, so he gets his own bathtub to eat out of.

many of our neighbors have left on vacation and one family has asked us to please pick whatever we want from their garden while they are away. today we chose some zucchini and squash and a few figs. later on we'll go back for some tomatoes and onions.

back at home, its time to go inside and feed tristan his breakfast. but before we go in, we always stop to admire our pretty flowerbed that is growing just beautifully.

tristan has had a few firsts lately. his first haircut occured last week. most of tristan's newborn hair fell out and was replaced by his new blonde hair. however, a few strands of longer, darker hair remained on the top of his head and just kept growing and growing! josh finally got sick of smoothing them down and used his clippers to trim them. we also took tristan for his first swim in our neighbor's pool. he wasn't too keen on the cooler water, but was happy dipping his feet in with me. his first tooth is starting to show a bit more and is super cute. i can see the one next to it appearing under his gums; his crabbiness level is getting a bit higher these days as well. still no signs of wanting to crawl, though he sits up well on his own. he loves watching his baby praise dvd while standing in his exersaucer. today he cried when i turned it off! we are enjoying him so much...its such fun seeing him discover new things.


Corinne said...

Heidi, I am Anika (Isaak) Lacerte's sister and have been blog-stalking since before you had Tristan, I had my third baby January 29. Would it be possible for me to view his picture blog. I'd love to see what he looks like now!! Thanks.

Naomi said...

i don't blame you in the least about not feeding the pigs. When at YWAM in Cimarron i went to help out in the pig pen and freaked out when they all came snorting and pushing forward for the food bucket. ONCE WAS ENOUGH!

Jennifer said...

I have a great recipie for grilling them.
Try this...slice them lengthwise and slather them in olive oil. sprinkle minced garlic and chillie pepper flakes on them (or fresh minced chilies if you have them) also some cumin too.
grille them. it says they only need 3 minutes per side in a medium hot fire.
Here is the dressing....1/4 cup olive oil,1/3 cup lime juice, it says 3 tbps of honey but I only put one because I like it on the sour side, handful of fresh cilantro...coursely chopped, salt and pepper to taste. Drench the zuc in the so so so good!
Now that I'm salivating I think I'll have to make some tonight!

Darcy & Sharon said...

Hi, Heidi, great to hear from you! It looks like you live in a beautiful place! My girls would love to live so close to those animals!
We're all back to good health now, and are planning on staying that way, thank you very much! Not that one ever plans on being sick.