Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a bit o' braggage

when getting married, you don't really REALLY know what you're getting yourself into. i mean, no matter how romantic and charming and affectionate your spouse-to-be is before you say your "i do's" that could honestly all change the moment he first comes across the toilet that you unknowingly clogged. or the moment he fixes the bathtub drain only to discover that it was wads of your slimy, long hair that was causing it not to work properly. or the moment that he understands how untruthful you were being when you told him that you never farted and if you were ever to fart, it would smell like roses. (that's a whole other long story i'll save for another post) everything could change in an instant. especially in the situation i found myself in: a long distance engagement followed by marriage the day after i moved down here. having a relationship that consisted mainly of long phone calls gave josh and i the opportunity to hide so many things from one another and i'm so thankful that there were no major surprises once we were married.

one minor suprise was just how romantic and charming and affectionate josh still is today. he is one of those guys who always seems to get it right on special days like my birthday and christmas. this mother's day was no exception. i had sort of warned him days ago that i wouldn't be cooking, cleaning or changing diapers on mother's day. i think he may have forgotten about the no changing diapers part, but i didnt' mind because he pulled out all the stops to make me feel special and loved and appreciated. sunday morning he made me a delicious coffee cake and brewed me a cup of my special flavored coffee that i love. he took tristan out during church so that i could enjoy the mother's day service. after church he skipped his usual study class and fired up the bbq upon which he layed two of the most succulant steaks i've ever laid eyes on. they were so gorgeous i had to take a picture:

mmmmm...filet mignon. my favourite. while the steaks were sizzling, he tossed up a caesar salad and toasted some garlic bread so that by the time the steaks were perfectly done, all i had to do was pour myself a glass of wine and enjoy this scrumptious spread:

we timed it just right so that tristan was taking his nap during our meal. it was so quiet and relaxing, i felt like we were on a date somewhere other than in our kitchen! when tristan woke up, he presented me with his mother's day present: a cute pair of flip flops and a glittery card that he made in sunday school (with lots of help from daddy!)

i don't like to brag about anything i've ever done, but when its something that my husband did, i don't mind. i can't even brag that i found the best man ever because i know that it was God who found the best husband i could ever have asked for. thanks, josh for being so amazing to me. i love you.


Lovella said...

What a great post. . .I love to see happy wives. Whatever you are doing in your marriage to keep that man loving you, keep doing it. .

Dena said...

yeah! I too, love to see happy wives and happy husbands. Sweetie has always, ALWAYS spoiled me and I love it when I see another marriage that is the same way. Good job, Josh! :o)

running wildly said...

Aw. Sweetie, you are simply glowing in that picture. Glad your day was made so special.

Family Of Five said...

Awww.... so sweet! You look absolutely beautiful and happy! It's nice to be appreciated... because the traditions your man starts with the little one are the one's that will continue!