Friday, May 16, 2008

frugal friday

okay people, its time to put our heads together and think of more ways that we can be frugal!

my idea for this week may seem a bit like cheating since not everyone is in the same sort of position, but one of the biggest ways i've been able to be frugal lately is through having GREAT in-laws!!

josh's parents (and gramps) have planted a great big vegetable garden this year. we've already been enjoying delicious strawberries and fresh cilantro, and can hardly wait for all of the other yummy things to pop up. they also have chickens who lay plenty of eggs that we get to eat (free range and hormone free, nonetheless!)

a couple of weeks ago when we were in a severe pinch, chris showed up with a few essential grocery items and a gift card to buy more! she also pays me to clean her house every now and then, which goes straight towards putting food on our table. we are so blessed.

josh's job as an electrician allows him to collect scraps of copper wire and turn them in to the recycling depot for cash. between our in-laws and the wire, our pantry is currently sittin' pretty. good thing too, because we have visitors staying with us for much of the rest of this month! i've been diving into recipe books lately, looking for meal ideas that don't require me to buy a whole bunch of ingredients.

there's my ideas for this week. i hope you'll share your ideas in the comments below!


Lovella said...

about recyling wire. Terry has been cutting honking big water lines out of one of our barns which were from an old boiler. Anyways, I said to him the other day. . are they copper? He looked at me. . and said. . I wouldn't be sitting here drinking coffee if they were. Just good old pipe. Too bad.
Oh Heidi, I'm so glad that your mil knows the value of loving on her kids a bit. I so enjoy that little bit of fun myself.
Just a side note to your mil. if she hasn't already heard. . our mutual friend has been in the hospital. . check her blog today .. I thought I would mention it since your mil and her are such dear friends.

Lori said...

Hey, I'm loving this frugal posting. I mean, I can't really turn wire in for cash but you've had some great ideas!

I also wanted to let you know that we're having Garrett's birthday party on July 20th sometime after church. If you'll be around, save the date, we'd love to have you there.

Shannon said...

we planted a garden too. Nothing that will save a fortune but good entertainment for the children. Hopefully we get at least a ziplock worth of harvest. We'll see.

Naomi said...

Love what you are doing with your blog. I've been working on money saving ideas for a little while too. you have to have tricks in today's world to make the money stretch.
Here are some of the recipes that T & I have enjoyed from Simpy in Season cookbook...
Sausage Aspargus Skillet, pg.56
Hearty Broccoli Soup, 183 YUM
Super Stuffed Tortillas, 131
Whole Wheat Peach Kuchen, 152

There are lots of other recipes that sound good to me, but T. doesn't always like his veggies. :)


Jennifer said...

Reciprical favors a good thing Martha. lol.

Um, I'm getting a discount off my hair appointment next month because I did a bunch of sewing for my hairdressers wife.

Also everytime I sub for my ballet teacher I get dollars off my tuition...or whatever I want in the boutique.

It's not dollars in my pocket but it helps.