Tuesday, June 03, 2008

busy busy

i only have time to post a couple of pics from the past few weeks. that's josh, me and katherine. she is a friend of ours from georgia that attended capernwray hall with us 5 years ago. she came to stay with us for one night in the middle of may.

this is us with janine and andy from england. andy attended capernwray and later married janine who we met when we visited them on our trip to the uk 2 years ago. they stayed with us for plenty of nights and we had a blast with them.

we only just got our dsl back yesterday, and i've got a zillion emails to catch up on and other nonsense to do around the house. it was really difficult being without the internet for nearly 2 weeks, i felt like crying with relief when it got hooked back up! i've no idea when i'll catch up on blog reading since i'll be on another hiatus coming up here soon, but just wanted to pop in and say i'm still alive and really hope to post more pictures and words as soon as i can manage it!

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kelly said...

welcome back - i'm glad you're re-connected :)