Wednesday, July 30, 2008


tristan has been learning that certain foods are hot and, after observing me do it, he now likes to blow on his food in tiny puffs before eating it. yesterday we were at a playground and he was climbing up some stairs to get to the slide. the sun was beating down and the stairs were warm. from where i was sitting, i heard him say "ha!" (which means hot) and then he brought his mouth next to the stair, pursed his lips and blew on it before continuing on.


Lori said...

That is so cute! Garrett totally does stuff like that, too. One day I told him to back up because the burner was hot. He backed up and, from where he stood, pursed his lips together leaving a small o shape and blew.

Cherie said...

that is hilarious!! and adorable! aww 3 weeks!!! and i see him!

Grandma J. said...

So cute, I want to hug him right now. Kids take things so literally and it can be hilarious.