Monday, July 21, 2008

things i'm loving right now

1. my freshly shaved dear husband who needed none of your suggestions before removing the offending facial hair last week. i did enjoy reading your comments and now i love kissing his whisker-less face :)

2. the sight of all 4 of our sunflowers blooming in our backyard. these are the same sunflowers which began as little seeds in a cup of dirt on my kitchen windowsill. they are now easily 9 feet tall and so gorgeous.

3. pirate's booty. we were introduced to it while visiting our friends in lake tahoe. upon arriving home, i set out to find it and nearly squealed with delight when i spotted it in our grocery store. i claim that i buy it for tristan, but i'm much more addicted to it than he is. it's delicious!

4. gleaning the wisdom of dr. james dobson, in reading his book "the strong willed child." he has some great insights into how to shape the will of a child and also some really good ideas on discipline. i know that my parents used a lot of his teachings in raising me and my siblings, and its neat to note that so much of it is applicable still today.

5. a spotlessly clean, vacuumed out car. thanks to my (freshly shaved) dear husband. he went to work on my car the other evening, even hosing down the floor mats. i told him that, honestly, that was one of the best gifts he could ever give me because i HATE cleaning out my car, but i LOVE having it clean. my baby rocks.

6. starbuck's mint mocha chip frappuccinos. the gift card i've been using as sparingly as possible is almost used up, but there is enough on it for one more. i'm gonna hold out as long as i can, even though just writing the name of it is enough to get me salivating.

7. president's choice zippy fruit strips. these are only available in canada, so my sister was ordered to bring a TON of them down with her. she obliged. they're so great because they pretty much contain just fruit, no added sugar and they are cheap compared with the same sorts of products down here. i always keep a couple in my purse for when tristan is so done in the backseat of the car ....i hand him one of these and he is quiet for at least 5 minutes while he gets completely sticky from head to toe. josh and i love them, too.

8. filling up my car with gas for *only* $4.19/gallon yesterday

9. my cute new shoes that i got at payless with mad money from my cleaning job. they seem to go with everything i own.

10. the way my little boy likes to take daddy's hat and sunglasses off of his daddy and put them on himself, then walks around like he is super cool. he absolutely adores his daddy. ( i do too)


Naomi said...

Cute, cute shoes!! Mad money is a great thing to have.

Micah, the little girl I care for, loves Pirate's Booty. She & Luke call it P.B. I am pretty happy when we have it for snack too. I also like the Cannon Balls. :)

Jennifer said...

Re sunflowers are little and not blooming yet.
re #3...booty...those are here too...yum yum. chiroproactors wife keeps recomending this book to me. I had no idea it was an older book.
re#5 the first time I payed the red carpet people to do this for me....I got teary eyed. And that was only within the last month or so. I've been back since.
re#9 cute shoes...I bet they do go with everything...very versatile looking.

With my mad money I buy mainly make up, starbucks too...sometimes soaps and depends on what the other expenses are.

Lovella said...

Very fun read. . .

Adams family said...

Cute picture of you little man and your sunflowers are awesome~

Dena said...

1. I actually love it when Sweetie doesn't shave for a couple of days, am I weird? Lookin' all rugged and handsome.

2. Your flowers are HUGE! So beautiful.

3. I don't like 'Pirate's Booty', I do love other kinds of Booty though.

4. I read that book years ago, I need to read it again, good reminder. All his stuff is SO good!

5. I totally agree. When my car is clean, I swear I get better gas mileage.

6. okay, ew...gross. What is it with people and their mint mocha coffees? What a way to ruin a wonderful God given flavor of coffee! :o)

7. okay, I want a zippity-do-dah-day fruity strip.

8. And, um, why was that a thing you're liking? Gas at $4.19??? UGH! I'm getting a horse and buggy.

9. Cute shoes, don't you love new cute shoes?

10. I have a picture of Calvin as a baby wearing Jay's Sunnydale hat...too fun and cute.

Z-Mama said...

LOVE those shoes!!!
Did you know that Stars Gas station has gas for *only* $3.89 right now? At least they have for the past two days...