Monday, July 07, 2008

point form

we've been busy being summerish. here's a few things that have been happening down here lately:

* tristan was quite sick last week. i don't think i've ever seen him feeling so miserable. he had a fever for 4 days, a sore throat and cough and was also cutting all four eye teeth at the same time. i was so concerned about his fever that i took him to the doctor who assured me that it was just a virus and had nothing to do with his teething, though it was unfortunate that both had to happen at the same time. so basically, tristan and i spent 4 days at home watching baby einstein dvd's with blankets and pillows on the floor of the living room. that got old real quick!

* on wednesday, my friend laura (the one i went to kenya with) drove down for the day and we had such a great time! i had been saving the ketchup chips my parents brought down for me because she's canadian too and misses those sorts of things. laura brought chai tea in remembrance of all the chai we drank in kenya. remarkably, the tea and ketchup chips went together quite nicely! the picture is not the most artistic one i've taken, but it captures a memory. we munched and sipped away while watching never before seen footage (for me anyway) of our kenya trip 9 years ago that laura had recorded. lots of laughs, lots of wistful sighs.

* thursday was the first day of my new "job". i use the word "job" very loosely here, because it isn't very much of a job, but its absolutely PERFECT for a stay at home mom who doesn't want any sort of work to take away from family time. my friend sara cleans offices and she asked me to help her for a couple of months. it's only once a week for around 1 1/2 hours in the evening and i'm so grateful for it! a bit of extra money goes a very long way in this household!

* for the fourth of july weekend we pretty much celebrated every single day with 3 separate bbq's and 3 different groups of people. saturday we spent the entire day in temecula at jessica and rob's and i was happily astounded that tristan napped for nearly 3 hours in his pack 'n play while there! we went swimming and tristan got to practice his favorite new move from swimming lessons- humpty dumpty, where he sits on the edge of the pool while i recite the rhyme, then when i say "had a great fall" i grab him and bring him into the water. josh and i discovered that the little patio outside of our bedroom has the most perfect view of the fireworks. it was actually sort of romantic.

* tristan had to miss 3 swimming lesson sessions due to being sick, but he's had 2 now so far and is enjoying them more than i thought he would. it takes him awhile to warm up to the idea and he whines a bit now and then, but i think he's getting more and more used to it the more he goes. he's getting the cutest little tan.

* my sister flies down for a visit in 3 days! and that's the reason i have to stop here. this house is a pigsty and i really need to get started on cleaning it up.

happy monday, everyone!


Kathy said...

Heidi - I totally thought the chips and tea were Ovaltine and farmer sausage :)

When you live far away aren't family visits SWEET? Enjoy.

I got a bang out of the well placed brocolli.

Adams family said...

I am going to check out the farmers market that you went to this week and am very excited, thanks for the tip.