Friday, August 22, 2008

cuz we're leaving on a jet plane

in less than 48 hours my son and i will be hurtling through the air at great speed towards my Northern Home. the thought of this is sending giddy shivers down my spine, anxious twistings in my tummy and sad achings in my heart. i'm giddy because i get to see my family. actually, i get to see A LOT of my family, since the main reason i'm going up to canada is for a family reunion. i'm anxious because the last time we flew somewhere with tristan right smack in the middle of his naptime we had a bit of a nightmarish ordeal keeping his cries to a minimum and his legs from kicking the innocent passenger sitting next to me. i'm sad because josh is going to be wifeless and childless for 10 days. that's a lot of days and if it were me staying behind, i think i'd be laying on the floor, throwing a temper tantrum, begging him to stay. josh is neither throwing a tantrum, or begging me to stay, for which i am grateful. he is, however open to dinner invitations from anyone living close by (hint, hint!)

tristan is finally starting to build on his limited vocabulary, mostly by repeating what we say. he says "cheese" now and "choo choo" (thanks to the thomas dvd's i borrow from the library) and "down" and yesterday, when josh was counting the stairs with him as they were going up them, tristan was repeating the numbers after josh said them! he babbles a TON, more than any other baby i've ever heard. he has great enthusiasm and expression when he babbles and its clear that he absolutely wants to get his point across, so we humor him by nodding and saying "oh really!" which seems to make him pleased that we're communicating well. he got another hair cut last week, and looks more grown up than ever. he is not even 20 months old yet and already wearing size 3T shirts. he's very affectionate still, which i love and will stop his play for a moment to come give a hug or a kiss or a cuddle.

last night he was up for nearly 3 hours from what we think was a bad dream. just screaming and crying and really upset. he would burst into hysterical shrieking every time i left his room, so i finally took my pillow into his room and lay on the floor next to his crib. i think i got about 4 hours of sleep and i pray that this isn't the start of another stage of night terrors. being a little sleep deprived today reminds me of what it was like to have a new born and really makes me wonder if one child is quite enough! of course we'd love to have another, but for now i'm enjoying how easy it is (for the most part) to have just one.

i just spent awhile FINALLY getting all of my blog links onto bloglines, which is really amazing. wish i had done it sooner. i think it will save me a lot of time checking blogs daily and will also help me read more blogs that i don't get to very often (my blogroll is quite long)

i may or may not be blogging from canada, but i'd really appreciate your prayers sunday morning when we fly, that tristan will be a joy to fly with and that the see's lollypop i got for him will last for the entire 2 flights :)


Kristal Sawyer said...

Have so much fun in our home and native land. =)

Jenn & Wade said...

We are looking forward to seeing you at the family reunion and catch up with everyone and meeting Tristan! I'll pray your flight is peaceful and that it all goes well....I'm feeling for, I'm hoping our 20+ hour drive up there isn't too overwhelming with 4 kids!=)

Jenn & Wade said...

OK, I have no idea how that ;amp thing got between Wade and I's name and what it is doing there.

Lori said...

Garrett has always been a pretty good traveler. However, I was really worried about our LONG drive to Tahoe this past month. I brought TONS of snacks and also went to Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of little things so that I could give him a new toy every hour or so. Turned out he rode like a pro and I barely had to use my reinforcements but I thought I'd suggest them to you. Josh can come to dinner here if he wants. I mean, we're a little out of the way but he's more than welcome. :-)

kelly said...

i hope the traveling portion goes better for you and Tristan this time around :)
i also just put all my blogs into bloglines...FINALLY. i wonder why i didn't do it sooner either. it's SO much better!

Dena said...

Let Josh know that he's free to come here for dinner any night. :o)

Have a great visit.

Unkempt Mommy said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time!

Shannon said...

hope you're having fun. I keep coming back for an update, kinda selfish to expect one while you're on vacation!

Also consider growing pains or little bare feet running around all day and causing shin splits... we struggled and still struggle with this a lot from Wesley. We give him a calcium/magnesium liquid as well as a banana and that seems to help him when we do it regularly.

There are days when I wonder what it would be like to have just one. I have to admit that.