Tuesday, August 19, 2008

one of his favorite things

tristan has never been terribly fond of soft, cuddly toys like teddy bears and security blankets. there are times where he'll carry with him one particular toy, and i'll think, "aww, that must be his favorite." but then the next day he'll have thrown that toy against the wall and will be playing with something else. yesterday i took him grocery shopping with me. i told him to go outside to the car. as he did so, i heard a soft, tinkling melody follow him out the door and down the driveway. he had his "vacuum cleaner" (at least that's what we call it) with him and no amount of coaxing could persuade him to hand it over to me. so, into the car he went, vacuum and all. most kids enjoy holding onto something soft and soothing. my son, he prefers a long, hard plastic object. thankfully, by the time we got to the store, he had dropped the vacuum in order to play with a toy truck, which was much more manageable inside the store. he is his own person, that's for sure :)


Ken, Natalie & Liam said...

I always enjoy hearing stories about your little guy because he's just that much older than Liam- it makes me excited about all the funny moments to come!

Cara said...

It was great to have you guys here. Sarah loves the vacuum cleaner (exact same) that is at the playgroup and vaccums when it is clean up time. :)
Love you. Cara