Friday, September 26, 2008

Frugal Friday

i'm going to be perfectly honest with you here: times are tough right now. work has not been plentiful for josh and there have been days where he only works for a few hours because there just isn't anything available. actually, there is no scheduled work until the middle of october. so, every night before i fall asleep, i pray fervently for josh to have work for the next day. and, so far this week, my prayers have been answered. it reminds me of the manna that the children of israel ate while they were wandering around in the desert with moses. they only had enough for one day; if they gathered more than they could eat in one day, it would go bad on them. i've seen God work in this way often. He is building our faith and trust in Him, one day at a time.

this morning i was contemplating what i would write for a frugal friday post, and no specific hints or tips came to mind except the most obvious ones. i feel at times as if i'm living as frugally as possible, but then i am reminded of all the luxuries i feel i can't part with, yet i know that if it gets any worse, those things will be the next to go. things like cable tv. a land line for our phone. coffee creamer. insuring our 2nd vehicle. okay, so perhaps i'm thinking too far ahead. i've started going into survival mode in my head, which isn't a terrible thing, but i believe it can stand in the way of my trust in God.

we signed up for WIC the other day, which for me was quite a big deal for some reason. its lifts a great weight off of my shoulders, knowing that if nothing else, we will have milk and cheese and eggs and cereal to eat. but its also incredibly humbling to have to ask for help like that. every day i wonder if i should find a regular night job cleaning tables at denny's or something, and every day i know the answer is the same: no. our family is my #1 priority and that means being here for my two guys every day, making a home for them as my job title suggests. and, after all, i know we won't starve with milk and cheese and eggs coming our way every month...we'll just keep eating omelets!

i've struggled through this entire post, deleting and re-writing things and even deciding for a moment that i won't post it after all. i don't want anyone to think i'm complaining or that i have my hand out, hoping for sympathy. i'm only being honest because i find it difficult to paint a picture of our life that is too pretty and not realistic. i've run out of fun little frugal tips. please post yours in the comments, if you have any. but more than frugal tips right now, we could really use your prayers.

thank you.


Jodi said...


i've been meaning to comment for some time now and haven't done it yet. so today's post was a great reminder to say what i have been wanting to for a while! :-)

thank you for your honesty and transparency on your blog. i think i read it for just that reason... and because you are related to jenn. :-) you make me laugh alot.

i can relate with what your family is going fact, i think i could have written your post a few months back! work is great right now, but we really went thru it last feb.- may. i am praying for you and can relate so much.

oh, you commented on my blog a while back saying Jenn sent you my way.... in case you don't know who this is. :-)

Lovella said...

oh Heidi,
I had only said this morning. . you would think according to bloggyland. . .all is well with the economy. . even though I knew there must be those affected, and here you are transparent and honest and not at all seeming ungrateful.
I will pray, I truly will, God is amazing at waking me up at early hours for this task,
You are wise to pray for work each day, not for the whole month. One day at a time. .
I do wish I could supply you with free eggs, I'd love to do that. .but you get those anyways.
I will also pray that hearts will be touched to be sensitive to your needs when they do arise.
In the meantime, you are doing the smartest thing, investing your time in your home.

Meredith said...

So many days I have had these same thoughts (about jobs I think I could do other than be with the boys) and like you each time the answer is the same. You will get by, it might not be fun but you will get by. I still can't imagine the luxury of not having to share a vehicle.
As for tips, Unfortunately I have nothing new to offer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heidi,
I'll be praying for you.

Jennifer said...

Mmmmmmmmm omlettes.

running wildly said...

I love your vulnerability in this post....that you have set aside your pride just to tell it like it is. It is so moving and so refreshing. I feel connected to your worried soul by reading your words. My friend, the Lord will bless you because of your faith.

Kurt Reonis said...
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Grandma J. said...

Hi Sweetheart,

You're well ahead of the pack in potential plans. Just to contemplate a plan B is a good start. Last night I talked with my Cousin V and we figured that it is finally coming --- the soap box cars are now starting to head down the hill. (that's right, these two old crazies are singing that song again) His sources figure we'll know for sure that's it's the Giant Hill by the time of your federal election. We figure the hill will be much steeper and longer than the recession of '81, '82, '83. His sources say a Hard landing. I'm praying for a more prolonged but soft one.

This will require a plan C and D but you're in better shape since you have none of the heavy ballast of debt. Since you're totally aware, you won't freeze up in your steering. The Lord will take you one yard at a time. From the side of the road it will look like an insane, wild ride but with your little brake and God's power steering you can manage this descent.

The malls will close and the MacJobs will cease. An economy based on hyper-consumption will finally fall. (the drive thru coffee bars will become the ultimate joke of the era) This is when Family kicks in. Pray for those that don't have any. Be a comfort to those that will suffer great loss. The Lord loves us all dearly. This will hurt but will accomplish much for Him. Your church was so helpful to so many during the Fires last year. That was great ground work for this looming event.

Continue leading and helping others. God bless you in your plans and give you work for every day.

Love and Prayers,


Janet said...

Daniel and I went through the same thing, but I had to find work to feed us. Daniel only made enough to pay our bills. For four years we had to sacrifice our time together. It was hard, but it taught us a lot. I only wish that we had had the FAITH we do now to get us through. It may have been less stressful and heavy.

I Love You, My Sister In Christ!

Thanks for sharing =)

Charlene said...

Praying for you Heidi!! Particularly that more work will come your husband's way.
I thank you too for your honesty and transparency:)

Dena said...

You have me weeping. Thank you for being real and transparent, I struggle with that ALWAYS. You're doing good, you really are. God is so good, you see it now. But even in years to come, when Tristan is like 15 and things are so different, you'll look back on this time in your lives and you will see all the more, how good God is to us during these trying times. I loved your Dad's comment, so true, so true. Sending you and Josh such big hugs. Love you guys.

Sarafina said...

I too was blessed by your transparency in this post Heidi. I know what it's like, and we've experienced God's faithfulness too in this situation. I'll be praying for you guys!!