Monday, September 22, 2008

tristanless pictures currently on my camera

well, i guess technically this picture isn't tristanless. that's his foot. we were making a picture for daddy and he got the giggles when i started putting crayons in between his toes.

the finished product. in case it's not clear, it reads "for da. love t."

i was trying to get tristan to sit next to me for a together shot, but he only wanted to see the camera screen, so i took this one of myself to show him. if i would have known i'd be posting it on my blog, i think i'd have tidied up a bit more :)

kaylee and sis at sis' birthday party on saturday.

kaylee absolutely adores each and every one of gran and grandpa's chickens. she's such a cutie. started first grade already, i can't believe it!

gramps, with his camera ever ready.

and there's the man i love.

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Dena said...

If I looked that good when I was 'untidied' I'd be a happy girl. Happy Birthday, Jessica! :o)