Friday, November 28, 2008

busy, busy

i'm still alive, just sort of caught up with the holidays. yesterday was thanksgiving down here and we (well josh mostly) cooked up a crepe breakfast for his folks and gramps since we won't be doing the big thanksgiving dinner until tomorrow at sis' house. today tristan and i went with my mil to do some black friday christmas shopping, which was fun and once tristan wakes up from his nap we'll be going down to another town with josh to do a bit more. i honestly think that we'll be done all of our christmas shopping before december 1st this year, which is always my goal!

i couldn't resist any longer and hauled out the christmas decoration boxes from the garage a couple of days ago. it was so much fun showing tristan the different nativities and watching him examine each one so carefully. his favourite is the snow globe with mary and joseph and jesus inside...he points to it and calls it "mummydaddybaby" whenever he wants me to wind it up. i'm hoping that my grinch of a husband (said in the most loving way possible) will consent to my wishes of getting a little christmas tree on monday. since we won't be here for christmas we're just going to do a small one. i say 2 or 3 feet this time. josh says 6 inches. (ha ha) i'm planning on putting it up on a small table and putting only kid-friendly ornaments on it so that we won't have to worry too much about tristan getting into it.

i never got a chance to get a good picture of me at my 12 week mark. i took one of myself in the bathroom mirror to email to my mom, but its so not even close to being bloggable! tomorrow when we're with the whole family i will force someone to get some good shots of the 3 of us (well, 4 of us i guess) and hopefully i'll get a belly shot in there as well that i can post. i found a super comfy pair of maternity pants at target this morning for $6.24! i'm ready to pack my "skinny jeans" (which they're not really) away with my other too-small things and start loading up my hangers with the maternity clothes that i haven't said hello to in years.

still feeling a bit sick but i *think* its getting better?? by this time with tristan, i was feeling loads better. at least i'm enjoying food again. i would have been so terribly disappointed to miss out enjoying all of the yummy thanksgiving food tomorrow. i'm making the green bean casserole (does anyone in canada make that? i think its an american thing, but its SO good) and the mashed potatoes. i'm mostly looking forward to my mil's homemade pecan pie. to DIE for. okay, my mouth is already watering and i'm not even hungry. must be a sign that i'm getting over this morning sickness :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi - now isn't this shocking that your Auntie Flo is the first one to comment on your post?!
Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving (belated) and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family today. Good for you if all your shopping is done by the 1st! And I'm sure that Tristan will love a small tree, it will be just right for him! With love and hoping that you continue to feel better, Aunt Flo

Sorlil said...

oh, wow, congratulations!!
not been by for ages but that's lovely news! I'm just now starting to think about planning a second child now that Sorley will be 2 next week, scary thought though!