Monday, April 13, 2009

32 weeks & sick boys

this is my (sort of ) 32 week photo. it was taken on friday before our anniversary date, so it was more like 31.5 weeks, but whatever. that day was lovely. josh and i enjoyed some shopping, browsing in bookstores, and a delicious dinner while tristan spent the day and night at his cousins' house. during dinner, josh's throat began feeling a little sore, but thankfully he enjoyed the whole meal before coming home only to rapidly feel worse and worse. the next day we celebrated easter with josh's family and he was feeling so awful that he couldn't even get out of bed to come. tristan, too was looking pretty sad. he had complained of ear pain a couple of nights earlier and by saturday his eyes were red and goopy, and he winced whenever he swallowed. (eventually he gave up swallowing and just began drooling all over himself!)

sunday morning tristan was awake at 3:45. his eyes were so crusty he could barely open them and he had little red bumps starting to appear all over his body. i called the nurse's hotline and got an appointment for both him and josh for that afternoon. a few hours later, those bumps were spreading all over his neck, tummy and legs. needless to say, our family had to miss out on our easter church service this year. the doctors confirmed that tristan has an ear and eye infection, hives and a touch of asthma. josh has an upper respitory infection. both of them are now on antibiotics (tristan on 4 different things!) and feeling slightly better.

my sister arrived last night and is now playing with my son, much to his utter delight. when she wrote to tell me she was flying out to help us for a few days, i told her that the biggest help would be to love and play with my little boy. its a gorgeous day outside and we are feeling adventurous enough to contemplate visiting a park for a little while. i'll have to remember to bring my camera along :)

p.s. when tristan peered at the screen just now and saw my picture, he pointed and said "mommy! mommy walter (walker) mommy boo boo, mommy baby! mommy boo boo owwwww."


Lovella said...

Oh boy .. .I'm so glad someone has come to your rescue.. and poor Tristan ..and Josh. .wow, things just dont' end over there do they?
You are looking just lovely ..enjoy the sunshine.

Meredith said...

Thanks for your comment Heidi, I knew that I wasn't the only one out there with this 'concern'. As for the religious part I'm not saying there isn't room for it I'm saying I just don't see it happening in our house.

kelly ens said...

ok, can i just look GORGEOUS!!!! thankful that Samuel is still in your tum-tum, growing away, and will keep praying that he'll stay there for 7ish more weeks at least.
SO sad to hear your husband and son are sick - that is not fun. hoping they both get better soon, and that you can avoid catching anything!

running wildly said...

You are beautiful! I love your shirt too. Seriously girlie, you are breath-taking. I hope those boys of yours begin to feel better. Sigh. What a month you guys have had!!!!!!
PS. When's a good time to call you this week? I'd love to chat.

Jennifer said...

You look lovely darling.

Be sure to boost yours and your 'nannies' immune systems...shouldn't be hard what with all the available citrus in your area ;)

Grandma J. said...

Hi sweetheart, ditto to the lovely looking woman you are! Enjoy this week with your sister helping out, get the rest you need too, have fun, laugh alot. Glad the men are on antibiotics. Praying for you always. XO

Charlene said...

You look fantastic Heidi!

Sorry to hear your boys are sick. I know Joshua lately gets over one bug, only to get a new one.

Glad your sister can come out and help.

It can be hard keeping a toddler entertained even when you have two good legs.

monk:s said...

Dear Mrs. Job,

I hope you enjoyed your one day off in between crises. I'll probably keep praying for you, but come on, I'm tired of having camel knees.

Much love,
Mark and Tamara

lil said...

Well, little did Mark know that another crisis would come upon you!! Just read Cherie's FB that you are in hospital because of Samuel's heartbeat!! Praying for you fervently!! I just let Tamara know, too, so you have prayer surrounding you again!!

monk:s said...

Heidi and Samuel,

Please come home. We need to know you are well.

-Mark L.

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful, Heidi, your hair is shiny and your shirt really flatters you. I admire your atttitude while facing all these setbacks. You truly are an inspiration.
Sophie from BW Facebook.