Thursday, April 16, 2009

roller coaster

well, i honestly thought i wouldn't be seeing the inside of a hospital again until i was ready to have this baby, but little samuel insists on getting as much attention as possible. today, during my weekly NST (non stress test) his heart rate dipped down to 80. the nurse immediately alerted the doctor, who immediately alerted the hospital and i was told to get there as soon as possible. despite the fear i felt for my little guy, i also couldn't help but realize that it couldn't have happened on a better day. my sister was at home watching tristan while my friend ginny took me down to the doctor's for my physical therapy appointment and the NST. normally tristan would have been with us, which would not have worked well for going straight to the hospital.

at the hospital i was again hooked up to the monitors with gallons of blue ooze smothered over my tummy. we were there for only an hour and a half, and in that time samuel's heart rate again dropped for a moment. i also had a couple of small contractions while on the monitor, which was good because i felt reassured that the doctor was aware of what i've been feeling daily, and he didn't seem too concerned. after all the monitoring was finished, the doctor did a thorough ultrasound and was pleased to see that samuel is practicing breathing, has plenty of fluid and is quite active. because he shows no signs of stress, the doctor concluded that the baby could have perhaps grabbed or kicked the umbilical cord, which would have caused the decrease in his heart rate. he also checked my cervix to make sure that the contractions weren't causing it to shorten, and everything looks really good. in fact, samuel was hamming it up for the ultrasound, opening his mouth and saying "hi mommy!" i even think i saw him saying "nana nana boo-boo" to us ;) he now weighs approximately 4lbs 11oz and is measuring 33 weeks along, even though he is only 32 weeks and 3 days.

so i am now back at home, enjoying the last couple of hours with my sister who has been an AMAZING help (i suppose i had that much energy when i was 23, but i honestly can't remember!) and i'm just about to hop outside to sit on my chair and watch tristan play golf while cherie waters my flowers. i am again, so very thankful.

p.s. lately tristan has started saying "here you go" when we hand him some food. very cute.


running wildly said...

Great to talk to you today. And SOOOOOOOOOOOO great that Samuel is staying put, continuing to bake away. I am giving him a good scolding from here. ;) Hugs, my love. Stay well.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Whew! I had a NST with Laura, and her heartbeat dropped, then dropped some more when they tried a stress test. If they need to, they can get a baby out of you in about 20 as possible to "rescue" the baby. That's what happened to me with Laura.
I hope Samuel doesn't fool around with his umbilical cord again, or he is going to be in for a big surprise!

Korinne said...

Praying for you and sweet Samuel! I can only imagine now tough all of this has been for you!