Sunday, April 19, 2009

blessings & pain

yesterday i was blessed to enjoy a baby shower thrown for me and samuel at my church. i honestly didn't know what to expect since this is my second boy and all, but i was completely blown away not only by how many people attended, but also at how much stuff we got! i think we now have enough diapers to keep samuel's bum dry for his first year of life :) my very talented friend j'lene made the centerpiece of sock flowers and painted a gorgeous wall hanging for the baby's room, amongst other things. my mom in law and sis in law planned the whole thing for me and i had a great time seeing so many friends and feeling almost normal again!

i was exhausted when we got home last night and it just so happened that i ran out of the painkillers i've been taking last night as well. i was told that once my prescription ran out, i'd have to start taking tylenol for the pain. i was preparing myself by slowly reducing the amount and frequency of pills i'd take during the day and i really thought that i had a handle on the pain. well, let me tell you something: tylenol SUCKS!!! i had NO idea how much my body still aches until last night, when i spent most of the night tossing and turning. this afternoon has been a challenge as well. its HOT today (i think its around 90 degrees) and i just feel so uncomfortable. my whiplash pain is the worst, actually, followed by my knee which has been bothering me all week, and then just the general uncomfortableness which comes along with being 33 weeks pregnant. i'm so glad that josh is home today because i've hardly left the couch. of course, having a baby squishing my bladder to a quarter of its normal size isn't helping the matter of trying not to get up unless i have to :)

i hate to complain at all, knowing that i'm so lucky to be alive, but there are just some days that are tougher than others. i have no idea how people who live with chronic pain get through each day.

tomorrow i will get an x-ray and hopefully the doctor will determine whether or not i'll be able to begin bearing weight on my broken leg. i'm hopeful, but at the same time a little nervous about trying to walk while pregnant. just have to take things one step at a time ;)


Grandma J. said...

Awww, my heart goes out to you Heidi, I wish I could take your pain for you (well, for 1 day maybe!), but really I am praying for you right now. XO

Charlene said...

what an amazing support system you have Heidi!!!
I hope the pain gets better for you. I can't imagine what it must be like.
I'm glad baby samuel is still doing well too!

Korinne said...

Just in case this helps... there are many people that don't feel the effect of Tylenol at ALL - I am one of those people. After having had foot surgery years ago they gave me tylenol 3's for the pain and it didn't touch it. To this day, Tylenol does nothing for me. Maybe you can ask for something else that would be safe for Samuel but more effective for your pain?
I hope for your sake that you can start walking soon. Still praying for your recovery!

Adams family said...

It's ok to complain some times, what your going through has to suck. Hope things start to get better really soon and you can put some weight on that leg.

running wildly said...

You can do it! You can do it!!!!! The weight bearing will become easier......promise.

Shannon said...

tylonel does squat for me too.

awesome on the shower. It is so special for you guys. Each baby is a blessing and it is neat to be spoiled for the occasion. (yanno, second baby, second boy... HE is no less special or wanted)

Dena said...

aw, i'm so glad you got a shower, what a blessing. wish i could have been there. so sorry that you're going through such pain, like that's all you need right now. :o)