Wednesday, April 08, 2009

choo choo twain

** paragraph spaces don't seem to be working on this post, so i'm using these annoying little **'s instead. (just in case you're wondering)**

tristan got this wooden train set from his cousin johnny last week and it has been such a blessing! i only set up the minimal amount of pieces and he can literally play with it for an hour or so on his own. there was a lot of frustration at the beginning, while he tried to figure out how the magnets stuck together, but i kept showing him and now when 2 cars won't connect i hear him say softly "turn awound!" and when he gets it, a big smile lights up his face.

even though the train set has made my life easier, there are still plenty of other hours in the day where he is just plain B.O.R.E.D. i got a few great suggestions on facebook the other day (like asking him to "paint" the fence outside with a bucket of water and an old paintbrush), but there are still times when he's throwing a tantrum on the kitchen floor a whole room away from me and all i want to do is pull my hair out. we've watched our fair share of movies, read our fair share of books, and eaten plenty of snacks in order to keep the minutes ticking by at a reasonable speed. yet there is nothing quite as lovely to me as the sound of the front door opening and josh's special whistle, which sends my limp and tearful boy bounding to the door yelling "daddy HOME!" my sister arrives this sunday to stay with us and to basically be our nanny/chauffeur/house cleaner for 4 days. i'm very ready for her to come!

i had my first physical therapy appointment this morning. hearing my friend ginny refer to her old physical therapist as a "physical terrorist" prepared me for the pain, and i was smart enough to take my painkiller just before leaving home. honestly, it wasn't as bad as i thought! i had a really friendly girl as my therapist who is also from canada and we just kept chatting about all sorts of things while she stretched and pushed and pulled my leg in ways that make me cringe just thinking about it. turns out that i've done a great job with flexing my ankle throughout the day and straightening my leg, but i can't bend my knee worth a crap. so i've got some serious work to do this next week and it ain't gonna feel good! i can begin putting weight on my leg in two weeks and i'd love to be walking shortly after that, so i've definitely got motivation to push through the pain.

tristan will be having his first ever sleepover at his cousin's house this weekend. sis and rob live an hour away, so it makes me slightly nervous knowing that if he wants to come home, we can't just hop in the car and go pick him up. i'm pretty sure though, that he won't want to come home. i've been telling him about it all week and he's super stoked to be sleeping in johnny's room WITH johnny! he's had about 3 sleepovers at my in law's house since the accident (one just last night) and he has done SO great there! yesterday, when gran came to pick him up, he was all "bye mommy, bye daddy!" and heading out the door before we even had a chance to kiss and hug him! its such a great feeling to know he is happy about going there instead of crying every time we leave like he did the first 2 years of his life. this will make things so much easier once baby samuel arrives.

our 5th anniversary is at the end of may and, since we have no idea what the future holds at this point, we thought it'd be best to celebrate this weekend and take advantage of tristan being away. we're planning on having dinner at our favorite steakhouse, carvers (which has become a yearly tradition for us) and then going out for a movie before coming back home to enjoy a quiet night and sleeping in! my mouth is already watering for filet mignon and lobster tail! mmmmm...


Grandma J. said...

Happy 5th Anniversary, Josh and Heidi! You two are a beautiful witness of God's love and the family community He wishes us all to experience here on earth. Tristan is secure in your love and he will become a great man because of it. Hope yours steaks were perfect and your evening long.
Good for you Heidi on doing well with physio. We prayed for you at school today. XO

James A said...

That story brings back so many memories of begging to sleep over at Timmys house. I'm sure he'll have a blast!

Nicole said...

I thought I'd check out your blog too. Very fun that we'll both have two little boys so close in age!! It sounds like you've had quite the ordeal the past couple months and you can add me to the many people praying for you!!