Friday, April 03, 2009

a picture post

feeling completely unmotivated to write another post, i decided to simply find a few recent tristan-less pictures and post them. (unfortunately, most of the tristan-less pictures are of me) i apologize if this post turns out to be completely boring. first, we have a picture of my seedlings taken at the beginning of the month. i planted cosmos and zinnias in a little windowsill greenhouse, and they grew like crazy right away! while my parents were here, they transplanted them outside in the backyard and i can't wait until the first ones bloom! i also seeded african daisies, bachelor buttons and snapdragons.

here is my dad visiting me at the hospital the day after my parents arrived. asking my dad to pose for a picture is like pulling teeth, so to see him so cheerful here is quite an accomplishment! i look happy because i was thrilled to see my parents and i knew i'd be going home the very next day.

my dad and josh were fiddling around with my just-delivered wheelchair, trying to get the leg extender attached. i almost didn't post this one because the first thing i notice when i look at this picture is the way my bosom practically rests on my belly! i have a very good explanation for this: my most favorite, perfectly supportive $80 bra from nordstroms sadly was cut off of me in the emergency room at the hospital. the only thing i had at home that fit me at this pregnancy-engorged time were nursing bras. anyone who has had to wear a nursing bra knows that while very convenient, they are not the most flattering. i have since remedied the situation by purchasing a cheap version of my most favorite bra, which should serve me well for the next 2 months.

this is my sweet friend irene from church, who came to bring me that beautiful quilt i am holding. she called josh to ask what my favorite colors are before starting on the quilt and when he told her that i like "earthy tones, like green and brown" she was horrified, saying "i CANNOT make heidi a brown quilt!" "she really likes blue too" josh offered, which made her much happier, so a blue quilt was made! it's actually a prayer quilt. little pieces of yarn were added to each yellow rectangle, and then the quilt was brought to church. anyone who wanted to tied a knot in the yarn while saying a prayer for me and for baby samuel. once all the knots were tied, irene delivered the quilt to me at home. i love wrapping it around me in the evenings, feeling as if i'm surrounded by prayer.

a couple of days later, i received a package in the mail from my friend shannon in oklahoma. when she read about the accident, she set to work sewing some teensy tiny little NICU shirts that would fit an extremely premature infant. she wrote that she packed those little shirts in the box with tears, hoping that samuel would stay put so that he wouldn't have to wear them. she also sent some cowboy themed burp cloths, one embroidered with samuel's name, as well as super soft baby washcloths and some toy food for tristan, which she also made herself. i had tears in my eyes opening all of it, so thankful for her thoughtfulness. to see shannon's handiwork for yourself, check out her sewing studio page.

my amazing, hardworking, sometimes sweet and always hot husband is watering my newly planted flowers. he also put 2 long planters down our driveway while i was in the hospital and planted some of my seedlings in them for me. when i stepped out of the car after the drive home, that was the first thing i saw and it made me smile. i wouldn't want to be a single parent, even for one week, yet he did it and never complained. i love him.

and last, but not least, a picture of my dear mom and me. its a little awkward navigating my walker in the backyard, but so worth it to sit and enjoy the evening sun setting, seeing how my flowers have grown and smelling the orange blossoms that waft over our neighbor's fence. the two weeks that my parents spent with us flew by and i am so thankful for every little (and big) thing they did for us. saying goodbye was tough, but i know that my mom will be flying back out here in around 2 more months to help out some more when baby samuel arrives. she is the best.


monk:s said...

It's good to see the pics of when your mom and dad were there with you. I know you're in the middle of the hard part of recovery right now without them. We continue to pray for you and your boys.

Christy said...

Ok Heidi, that was most definitely not a boring post! Thanks for an update, I feel as if I had a little glimpse into your life once again.

Still sending lots of prayers your way,

Lauren Williams said...

That is such a sweet post. not boring at all! Your such a loving wife, what a good example. Were praying for you guys. Lauren

Family Of Five said...

I love the pictures and I didn't think it was boring at all! It must be hard sometimes being so far away from your mom! I know how hard it is to say goodbye after a good visit!

Sorlil said...

I've just read about your accident, it must have been a horrific experience, so glad your recovering well and baby's doing fine. x

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about your favorite bra :(

Beautiful quilt Heidi!

Ahem... fyi, I thought I picked an earthy purple for your legwarmers :)

I see you are able to enjoy your blessings. xox

Unkempt Mommy said...

Oh my goodness, Heidi - I have not been keeping up with blogs at all lately and I am JUST NOW reading about your accident!!! How horrible am I??

Anyway, I am so glad you and baby Samuel are okay and that you are healing quickly. Reading how you rely on God's word to get you through the tough times is definitely an inspiration to me and the way you told the story of your accident and time in the hospital made me tear up a little (okay, a lot). Just glad you are safe and I'll be praying that you continue to recover quickly!!

Adams family said...

I love the pictures and am inspired to plant some seeds after seeing your pictures. You make me smile and Im looking forward to spending some time with you guys in a few weeks.

Melanie said...

thinking of you...each day!