Friday, June 26, 2009

childless pictures from june

since having decided shortly after tristan was born that we didn't want pictures of him on a public blog, its been increasingly difficult to find photos that are suitable for my blog. now that we have 2 kids, childless pictures are even more scarce. but my blog has been looking awfully plain lately, so i decided to search through the last month's photos and post a few that don't include children. i have to admit, the results are pretty pathetic :)

this first one was taken by my mom not long after i had given birth (hence the still pudgy face!) we took the boys to a local park just to get out of the house and to get some fresh air. we had an unusually cool june near the beginning of the month, so i had samuel all bundled up against the chilly wind. since that day, i don't believe i've really used the wheelchair. in fact, we called the rental company to come pick it up on monday because we no longer need it!

my dad arrived a couple of days after my mom flew down with his boler in tow. isn't that the cutest little trailer you've ever seen? its got a bed and kitchen and table in there, can you believe it? perfect for my parents.

tristan lined all of his little cars up on the living room floor and my mom helped him count them all. he LOVES his cars.

my moms :) we got to celebrate father's day and the guys' birthdays at josh's parents house. it was also very special to celebrate father's day with my own dad for the first time in 5 years!

we saw this lightning mcqeen potty seat at wal mart and just couldn't resist. tristan spent the first day using it as a frame for his face as well as a place to put his snack. he enjoys sitting on it, but hasn't actually "performed" on it yet.

samuel is 3 weeks old today! he is still quite easy going, but has started to stay awake much more lately. i'm trying very hard not to get too worked up about his napping habits. having a 2 storey home makes it hard to keep things consistent. ideally, i'd put him in his bassinet for his naps, but i'm too lazy to do the whole monitor thing right now, running up and down the stairs, so he still falls asleep in the car, on us, and most commonly while he eats. soon enough i'll get him on a bit of a routine, but for now a more relaxed approach is working for us.

tristan is doing well in terms of loving his baby brother and helping out, but he's been having a bit of difficulty adjusting to the lack of attention. he is a very cuddly boy, and seeing me holding the baby or nursing him makes tristan want to climb up on me as well, which isn't really possible. thank goodness that josh has been home! we didn't plan on him staying home, but he has had no work lately, so even though it sucks financially, its also been a blessing for me to have his help in easing into staying home with 2 kids.

speaking of staying home, i got out of the house and drove myself for the first time since my accident! josh has been hesitant about the idea of me driving, especially with the kids in the car. he isn't worried about my driving skills, just about how my leg will hold up if i happen to slam on the brakes or something. so today, while tristan was napping, josh stayed home with both boys while i went out and did groceries. i can't tell you how liberating it felt to be in the driver's seat for the first time in over 3 months. i have my last physical therapy session on monday and i'm hoping i'll soon be rid of this limp.

josh is, at this moment, making the necessary moves upstairs so that samuel can sleep in his own room tonight. i think i'm ready for this...he can be a bit of a noisy sleeper, so it will be nice not to hear every little snuffle. on the other hand, i'm not looking forward to blindly staggering down the hallway in the middle of the night from our room to his....he still has some wide awake times at night plus wakes up to eat around every 3.5-4 hours. last night i got about 4 hours of sleep since tristan woke up at midnight, thinking it was morning and took awhile to re-settle, then was up for the day at 4:45am. thankfully i got another hour of sleep once josh woke up, which was heavenly. so, its been challenging so far, but really not worse than i expected.

this post has taken me all day to write! samuel is finally asleep (hasn't slept since this morning) and i need to get dinner going. i have no idea how those of you with plenty of kids find time to blog at all!


Korinne said...

I remember those first few weeks all too well. Repeat after me: IT GETS EASIER! Make that your mantra for the next month or so ;)

The first couple of months were tough, but pretty soon you'll be amazed at how well they interact with one another and how Tristan will get Samuel what he's crying for, while you won't have to move a muscle! Now - with Mercy being four and Koby being two - it's like having a live-in babysitter sometimes. Mercy takes SUCH pride in caring for Koby. My job has become that much easier!

Anonymous said...

It does get easier. Rhea is 3 months old now and needs less sleep during the day so i can get a lo more done with out constantly trying to put her to sleep.

Routine will come but don't stress about it. I didn't worry this time and it all fell into place.

Good l;uck


Claire said...

I want to read your birth story still...haven't had a chance yet. I like your new pictures, the first one is really cute. does get easier. I already feel like things are settling more into place and its only been two months.

running wildly said...

Oh the things I have to look forward to, hey?! Glad things are starting to "settle." Difficult, I know, with 2 boys. You're a great mom. I know how you are able to overcome such amazing odds, so keep on keepin' on, darling. Cheering you on. Oh, and since I'm home like ALL THE TIME, let me know when you're up for a phone date.

James A said...

I love the cars in a row, reminds me of someone...

Anonymous said...

I love reading about how you´re doing. You have such a peaceful approach to life, it is a pleasure to "know" you, Heidi. You´re doing so great with your 3 men ;)

Sophie from BW facebook

lil said...

I LOVE the picture of your two moms! They both look so good and young!! You are blessed.
I hope to see that Boler in my yard someday!!