Sunday, June 21, 2009

just blame it on post-pregnancy brain

initially, i was pretty impressed with how quickly i was ready for church this morning. after a trying night during which my infant son decided that he not only wanted to be wide awake, but wanted to suck the entire time as well (thank God for pacifiers!), i quickly showered and dressed and even had time to blow my hair dry before eating breakfast and getting my shoes on. i was happy that my dad is here for father's day and i was looking forward to enjoying sitting in church with my family....josh's first father's day as a proud daddy of two. just before we headed out the door, josh asked me "did you get the car seat back together yet?" that's when everything went downhill.

we are still trying to figure out ways to keep samuel's recently ingested food inside of his stomach. one pretty good way is to keep him upright for awhile after i've fed him. we've also discovered that one pretty good way to make sure the food does not stay in his stomach is to put him into his car seat shortly after he's been fed. yesterday afternoon we were silly enough to disregard this knowledge and i went ahead and fed him right before we left to go to the park. as we were pulling out of our driveway, i looked back at tristan and said, "if baby sam has milk coming out of his mouth, tell mommy and daddy, okay?" a mere 2 minutes later we heard the word "MILK!" exclaimed from the backseat. josh pulled over, i hopped into the back between the car seats and surveyed the damage. it was pretty bad, but i did my best to mop up most of the mess and josh drove on. once we arrived at the park and took the car seat out of its base, we realized just how bad it was as streams of milk dripped from the bottom of the seat.

this has happened to us before, so we knew the drill. once our fun at the park was done and we had driven home, the car seat had every little piece of fabric removed from it and the seat was then hosed off. the approximately 150 pieces that compile the car seat's padding were thrown into the laundry (along with my boppy pillow which was baptized in a similar fashion to the car seat earlier in the day) and that was that. when josh told me, an hour later that he was just double rinsing the car seat padding and that it would need to be taken out and drip-dried overnight, my brain did not compute any of what he said. which brings us to this morning.

everyone is ready to go except for the car seat. all 150 pieces of the padding is still sitting in the laundry, clean but sopping wet. no car seat = no baby going to church. since the baby needed to be fed in another hour, and i am the sole provider of the baby's food, that meant there was no other option but for me to stay home with samuel while everyone else went to church. and on father's day of all days! (well, i suppose it may have felt worse if it was mother's day...) my mom, bless her heart, actually wondered aloud if it would be so terrible to hold him in my arms as we drove. after all, that's exactly how my siblings and i were transported as infants, back when it was perfectly legal. both josh and i tried not to act too horrified, though i muttered something about "jail time" if a cop stopped us. definitely not an option.

so, as you can see i've accomplished quite a lot in a quiet house with samuel asleep on my belly. i changed my template to something a little more easy to read, and i got the boy's picture blog changed as well. i've just begun the daunting task of catching up on blog reading and the hard drive is being defragmented as we speak. amazing how much can be done while sitting in a comfy rocking chair, smelling a newborn's head.


kelly ens said...

awesome :)

Lori said...

Oh man! That is a hilarious story! Not the projectile vomiting. I've seen it happen with Matthew. Definitely not fun.

lil said...

I hope he outgrows the indigestion soon!! I'm SO with your mom about holding him while Josh is driving. :) But I know you can't legally!! How's this for one~a friend of mine, back in the 80s NURSED her babe while she was driving! But, we don't live in LA or SD, just the slow drive in the mountains. :) The speeds are much faster today than 20-30 years ago, so that's definitely part of the problem. I guess your mom and dad left this weekend, right?
God bless you!

lifewithwalden said...

Oh my. If it weren't for my mom figuring out our carseat those first few weeks, we wouldn't have gotten anywhere. I can so relate. Our little guy lives on baby Zantac, which I'm hoping I can stop soon now that he's almost ready for solids. It took me taking in Dr. Sears' list of GERD symptoms to convince our doctor that he needed to intervene. Before that, we were living upright - awake and asleep, and nobody could keep him from crying except me - all day long.

Since reading your birth story, I've really be praying for you. I was so hoping you wouldn't have to deal with a tear, because I know quite a bit about that issue. So I'm hoping yours won't have long term effects, and that it will heal quickly and easily. After the birth of my son, I realize now how important that is for women, and how much their daily lives can change by various birth injuries. Hope that makes sense. So I'll be keeping you in my prayers. May you heal soon and completely, with no scar tissue and no complications of any kind.

Blessings to you and your sweet family!

Adele said...

Heidi, I really think you should turn this blog into a book!!! It is awesome!!! I love reading!!!

laura.railing said...

Hey Heidi! I've sure been praying for you guys and am praising God for your recovery so far and Samuel's precious arrival! I'm friends with Julie Hall (and her sister and parents too) so I'm not a total weird stranger!! I'd love to see pictures of your boys but I don't think I can since it's private. (which, frankly, I understand!)My e-mail is if you want to send an add Anyways, praying for you all! Enjoy the littlest new addition to your family!

Z-Mama said...

Awe, Heidi...that is such a bummer! But I'm glad you got some things done and feel accomplished anyhow. I love the new layout - yes, much easier to read!!!