Friday, July 31, 2009

point form

* its 8:20pm. my goal was to be in bed myself by now, but our dear son has finally figured out how to get out of his bed and the novelty hasn't worn off for him yet. when he first started sleeping in his big boy bed, of course he discovered how to get in and out of it, so we barricaded it as best we could with pillows and blankets and, to him that was enough to keep him from attempting escape. lately, however, he hasn't been able to fall asleep at his regular bedtime and he quietly slips out of bed and comes downstairs. nearly gave me a heart attack this evening. i keep having visions of him tumbling down the stairs in the dark, so i'm going to stay up until i know he is asleep.

*little samuel is 8 weeks old today and it turns out he's not so little. he now weighs 13lbs 8oz (his birth weight was 8lbs 2oz, though he went all the way down to 7lbs 4oz) and i was surprised to find out that tristan weighed exactly one pound less when he was 8 weeks old. samuel is in the 90th percentile for weight and 60th for height (he is 23 inches and i cannot remember for the life of me how long he was at birth)

*i had no idea that they now give one vaccine orally. samuel didn't seem to care for the taste and, after he had swallowed nearly all of it, his tummy decided to revolt and he spit it all the leftover milk i had fed him an hour earlier. as soon as he had recovered from that, he got jabbed in the leg 3 times and all i have to say is thank God for infant tylenol! he slept all the way home and didn't wake up until early evening. poor little guy.

*i went to the zoo yesterday with jessica and the kids, having never been before (can you believe i've NEVER been?) and absolutely loved it. we only saw a small section of it and it took us nearly all day! my leg was killing me by the end.

*samuel has slept straight through the night a grand total of 3 times so far. 2 of those times were in a row, so i foolishly thought that he was going to continue. i stayed up far too late on monday night (yes, i was watching the bachelorette finale) and payed for it with 2 night wakings. since then he's been up at a different time each night, so i have no idea what's going on. he is, however, taking some of his naps in his own crib, which is very nice for me. still, he naps so much better when he is downstairs on the couch and can lay on his tummy since we can keep an eye on him. oh, the days when tummy sleeping wasn't forbidden must have been wonderful! trust me, i understand the reasons for back sleeping, but i can see how much more comfy samuel is on his tummy. he has his fingers within reach for sucking on if need be, his startle reflex is muted like 90% and he just hugs that couch like he's holding onto his mama. plus the little stinkbug position is just so adorable!

* tristan has, for the most part, settled into his big brother role pretty nicely. he is currently addicted to davy crockett...he has a coonskin cap, he could watch the disney movie 50 times in a row and whenever josh sings the classic davy crockett song, tristan has fun filling in all the missing words. he is very proud of his brother. when people ask what samuel's name is, tristan says, "Baby Sam, Brover" as if brother is part of his name. he kisses him all the time, but is for some reason very particular about kissing him on the lips. he has removed the pacifier just to get to his lips before which, as you can imagine, results in an unhappy baby sam. oh yes, and he is also in love with temporary tattoos.

* samuel giggles and coos and smiles and cackles, especially when i sing to him. sometimes i even catch him smiling at my profile out of the corner of my eye. already time seems to be flying by so much more quickly this time around. i've had to start a pile of "too small" clothes in his closet and i know from experience how rapidly that pile grows. in fact, it just occurred to me that he may be nearly too big for his size 1 diapers, which would explain the more frequent leakage lately.

* on the days that samuel slept through the night, i managed to pump, which means i have 4 bags of liquid freedom sitting in the freezer. i'm excited to get out of the house with my friend j'lene next week, and i'm already looking forward to seeing "the time travelers wife" with josh in the future. read that book years ago and simply could not put it down, i hope the movie does the book justice.

* its 8:50pm and i haven't heard a peep from upstairs, so i think its safe to sleep. my 21 year old self would be laughing her head off at my now 29 year old self if she knew what time i'm going to bed at. but i don't care. i'm a girl who needs her sleep and i am so looking forward to crawling underneath the covers, you have no idea

good night!


running wildly said...

oh hunny, you sleep whenever the heck you can. Go for it!!!!!!

Way to go Sam on packin' it on. Looks like you're producing cream this time. Nicely done.

Do tell how the movie is because the trailer seems great. I think I'd like to see it myself.

Lovella ♥ said...

I love point form. . you haven't lost your touch to write beautifully and I can hear your voice in your words.

I had someone who I consider reliable tell me that once babies can hold their head up .. sleeping on their tummy is no problem. . .
This was not a nurse. .so maybe don't take my word for it.

Sleep tight.

Cherie said...

Im only 23 and almost the same way... my time is 10pm though:) and i dont have kids... all my friends laugh at me:) But I need my sleep! haha
Oh the days when little sleep didnt mean anything just that you had a great day the night before!

Grandma J. said...

Andy had doubled his birth weight by 6 weeks and was a chubby wubby baby too. Look at him now!
Get to bed early and enjoy your sleep - you are not the only one retiring by 9 (ha). XO

kelly ens said...

8:30 bedtimes are what young mom's live for, practically! go crazy :)
if Samuel is waking at different times at night, maybe he's going through a growth spurt...?

James A said...

I'm almost finished The Time Traveler's Wife, I can't wait to watch it when I come home... Really enjoying the glimpses of family, thanks Heidi.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Funny how often son #2 is taller than son #1.

I used to work at the SD Zoo. Loved the gardens, loved the hummingbird enclosure, loved the buses...spent many hours with kids whining for another ice cream bar to eat instead of enjoying the animals!

mar_neufeld said...

Heidi, thanks for the update. We are expecting our first grandchild in Feb. Sarah and Ray are finally going to be parents! We are so excited!

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