Sunday, August 09, 2009

"monkey george" and other random things

* my brain seems to function best in point form lately, so here we go again!

* the other day, tristan and i were heading upstairs so that he could take his nap. at the top of the stairs he slipped and skinned his baby toe. fearing that the wails coming from his mouth would wake the sleeping baby, i hustled him into the bathroom promising him a band-aid for his boo boo. "monkey george band aid?" tristan asked. yes, he could have a curious george band-aid. he picked the blue one and i helped him wrap it around his toe and i noticed that his eyes seemed glued to the yellow band-aid. he showed me a 2 day old boo-boo on his knee and i gave in and so the yellow "monkey george" band-aid found a home on his knee. he asked for more and i told him no because he had no more boo-boos. the next thing i knew, he had his big toe in his mouth and was biting down on it pretty hard. before i could ask what he was doing, he pulled it out, pointed to his teeth marks imprinted on it and said "see mommy? boo-boo. more monkey george band-aid?" i laughed, but i did not give in.

* my cousin lisa is going to be visiting us next weekend during her southern california vacation. its always so nice when we get to meet up with family, even if only for a short time. i've heard a rumor that my cousin bonnie and her husband may be spending some time in san diego as well, so it would be great to see them too. cherie and her boyfriend ben just bought tickets to fly down here for a week next month! since our guest room is now officially the baby's room, they're going to set up tents in the backyard and just rough it. i'm really excited to see them and get to know ben a little better.

* it has taken me this long, but i have now officially been sucked into the world of mommy blog giveaways. i think i've entered something like 15 contests in the last few days, hoping for a chance to win some super cute things for my kids. i do think my enthusiasm for this whole new world will wane after a few weeks go by without winning anything, but its free and its worth a shot, right? i limit my contest-entering times to only when i'm nursing samuel. once he's finished eating, i'm done because i know that it could very easily become a huge time suck.

* my mom and sister and i have been skyping lately. the unfortunate thing is we got the web cams and microphones for christmas over 7 months ago from my brother and have only got the whole thing sorted out now! but we love it...and my mom loves to see her grandsons, especially the littlest one who is growing like a weed and seeming to change every day.

* i hesitate to brag too much about my baby's sleeping habits, but OH my WORD i never knew having an infant could be this enjoyable! yesterday he was happily watching his daddy weed in the backyard while sitting in his bouncy seat and i noticed that his eyes were getting a little heavy and his yawns more frequent. i hadn't checked the clock to see what time he woke up from his last nap at, but i thought i'd try just popping him in his bed. and i did just that. brought him upstairs, turned the fan on, swaddled him and by the time i was laying him in his crib, his eyes were just beginning to close. and then i left his room and he slept!! this sort of thing NEVER happened with tristan. i had to watch the clock like a hawk lest he get over tired and have a giant meltdown. even without melting down, he would cry pretty much every time it was time for a nap. i remember going through my day dreading the next time he'd have to go to sleep. this little guy definitely has his "fussy periods" (which are laughable when i compare them to tristan's fussy periods) and he still wakes up once at night to eat, but he is such a dream for the most part that there are times i forget we have a baby in the house! so many people say that the transition from 1 child to 2 is so difficult, but we haven't found it that way at all. and, because we know what it can be like to have a high maintenance baby, we are just so thankful every day to have such a content little boy.

* a friend of ours gave us a costco sized bag of something called blueberry pomegranate trail mix crunch the other day from mareblu naturals. oh my goodness, it is SO tasty! even josh likes it, which says a lot! its super healthy and yummy, the only thing i have to work on is stop eating after i've had a few pieces.

* tristan loves to do "cheers" while clinking his sippy cup with our glasses at dinner time. he loves it so much, in fact, that he now comes up with other ways to do it. i applied a temporary tattoo in the shape of a canadian maple leaf on his arm and he eventually noticed that i have a real maple leaf tattoo on my arm, so we had to bump arms while saying "cheers." he'll do it when he's wearing sunglasses and i'm wearing my glasses. if we both happen to pick up the same item of food off of our plates, we've got to do "cheers." and, just this morning while i was getting ready for church in the bathroom and tristan and samuel were lying next to each other on our bed, i noticed tristan doing "cheers" with his and samuel's toesies.

* i am absolutely, positively SO ready for fall to arrive. i haven't been too fond of summer this year; its definitely not the best season to have a newborn in. the mornings have been cooler lately and i love snuggling samuel up in some of his softest blankets and he loves it too. i'm just looking forward to some rain and the smell of cinnamon scented pine cones in the grocery stores. i'm looking forward to the sun setting a little bit earlier, picking names for christmas and planning out the thanksgiving day menu. we've rearranged the furniture in our tiny living room somewhat and i've already got a spot in mind for our christmas tree. i can't wait to see tristan's excitement over the holidays now that he's old enough to understand and anticipate. our lives are so richly blessed...we have so much to look forward to and so much to hold dear. praise be to God.


running wildly said...

Yes, an 'easy' baby is a wonderful thing. So glad you are finally able to see what I was talking about all those years ago. :)
Great memories. Love the band-aid story and the cheers. My dude did a similar thing with cheers and it was adorable too.
Now, quit talking about fall and Christmas already! It's AUGUST. I'm all for the summer and so not wanting the colder weather yet. But perhaps that's because we live in completely different climates.

Nicole said...

Our kids sound so similar in personality. I'm loving the experience of having an 'easy' baby too. I also agree that the heat of summer is not a great time for a newborn . . . I was very pregnant with Kaleb during the summer and in many ways it was easier to handle the heat then, than it is with a newborn. I can only imagine how much hotter it is where you are!!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Imagine heat of the summer with a fussy first born July baby! I'm totally with you about the joys of an easy going second child. People who had easy going first were so shocked by a fussy second kid, I just was doubly thankful for the second easy. He was so easy I was afraid he wasn't quite "bright" if you know what I mean. Not to worry...the "acts like an easy going house plant" kid wound up off the charts smart! Whoo hoo!

The fussy first born is still still fussier at 31 than her little bro...wonder if I'll ever get used to it...

Bonnie said...

My kids want band-aids for everything too, so cute. I'm glad Samuel sleeps well, what a blessing. My girls were so easy that way. Carson has slept well for the most part, but the last few weeks have been crazy. Fighting his naps, missing naps, waking up numerous times/night.

lifewithwalden said...

Tristan's sleeping habits sound like our little guy's. We tried the whole "cry it out" thing a bit modified last night for a couple of hours - me on a pallet on the floor by his "new" crib. He screamed the ENTIRE time. Everyone including our doc tells us it is the only way. I hate it. But the other stuff is no longer working. Do they give sleeping pills to babies? =) I don't know what we are going to do, but something has to give before we all go a little nuts around here.

So I'm really hoping that if we are someday able to have another baby that God gives us a good sleeper like your Samuel. At this point, I feel like I will have earned it.

laura.railing said...

After being up with our son Andrew as an infant multiple times at night (we're talking 5-7) we were SO ready (if, a little reserved) to try sleep training. He still had some tough nights,and sometimes would cry or babble for 1/2 an hour at least before he went to sleep, but it never did any good to get up and try to help him. All his needs were met. He does a lot better now I think.

Compared to him, I wonder what our next one (whenever we do have another one) will be like. There are some ways Andrew is easy and some ways he's a little bit harder. Each personality is so neat to see!

I'm thankful for the sleep you guys are getting!!1

sarah_dickenson said...

Love the "cheers" story, that is so cute!
I'm with you with already dreaming of fall/christmas. We've been blessed with an amazing summer up here but having a break with rain today makes me remember being so cozy at home. I love the cooler seasons! Just not the snow...

Kari said...

I was just reading your blog from when Tristan was 1-3 months old- the same age Coranelle is now. Wow, you're right, they are very similar children. When I read about Tristan, I felt like someone else had archived my child! So, when did he become a happy baby?! Did it get better? Glad that Samuel is sleeping for you!
PS You're a great writer!

Lauren Williams said...

okay. cheers is hilarious! i was dying laughing just reading that. as always i love reading your blog and it is so so well written! and you always have such a good perspective on life. thanks for all the updates!

Jennifer said...

You had one sensitive baby and one angel baby.

I had two textbooks. One with angle-ness the other with sensitiveness.

I could totally do that arm cheers with you both! :)

Love fall, just bought mums to add to my garden. I'll have to protect them from the dear though :(
Loathe winter here, it's nasty and so survival is the key. Not ready for summer to end at all.