Monday, August 31, 2009

the most random post ever

today is the last day of august. for some reason, i have been feeling something like relief to turn the calendar page over to the glorious month of septmber. i think it has a lot to do with the weather we've been having lately...temperatures in the 100's is something i'm SO over. though i know full well that autumns in southern california do not guarantee cooler temperatures, every year i hope that this will be the year that that i'll be able to pull out my sweaters and jeans in september or october...instead of having to wait until november or december.

speaking of clothing, i cannot tell you how annoying it is to me that i am still wearing maternity clothes. i dropped a lot of weight straight after giving birth to samuel, but i've still got a lot of weight left to lose. (breaking your leg, rendering you basically immobile while 7 months pregnant won't help the pregnancy weight issue, i've learned from experience). i found a box in the garage a few days ago filled with all of my "fat clothes" that i wore when tristan was an infant. i shuddered while pulling out each article of clothing, then reluctantly hung them up in my closet; they fit perfectly.

am i the only person who finds it difficult to write (or read for that matter) while the television is on?

i've had a long and somewhat difficult day. josh has been helping friends of ours move and today he was gone for the whole day, coming home for a short while so that i could go to my chiropractor appointment and then he headed back out until the boys' bedtime. i have yet to perfectly choreograph the evenings when i'm alone....making dinner while attempting to help a fussy baby stay content, while keeping tristan out of mischief (and keeping him from squishing poor samuel while giving him one of his "hugs") while answering the phone, while remembering to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer so that tristan's bedding will be dry in time for bed, while keeping dinner from burning... i have a lot of respect for single moms on the days my husband is gone a lot.

we've also been having a few issues with samuel's morning naps. he has the most amazing, long midday nap (2-4 hours long) which totally makes his short (30 min) morning naps worth it, except that he gets really fussy and grumpy and out of sorts before that long nap simply because he is over-tired. this doesn't happen every day, but he seems to be settling into a routine and making it a habit and now that i've written it down and read it to myself, i'm realizing that i have absolutely no right to complain because his long nap is so divine. so forget i said anything at all.

i had never visited a chiropractor until one week ago. i had heard that some people don't think they do any good, that they're not "real doctors" and i had no opinion either way because i had never been to one. now i have an opinion: my chiropractor is an Unearthly Worker of Miracles. i have suffered from whiplash for the past 5 months. this has only been aggravated by holding and feeding my baby, carrying his car seat and diaper bag, even wearing certain bras causes me blinding pain. the physical therapist i saw for my leg injury gave me a few exercises for my neck, which were pretty much a joke. all it took was for my chiropractor to "adjust" me in several areas (certainly a strange and somewhat scary experience for a chiropractic virgin like myself), followed by some deep tissue massage (apparently my neck was so seized up, it felt like a brick wall), and now i am not only sleeping better than before, but i can actually turn my head to strange angles without feeling as if a lava-hot metal rod is being shoved into the back of my head. blessed relief.

is this not the most random post ever?

thanks for all of your comments on my last post. jill, josh and i got a huge kick out of yours :) for now, we're keeping everything really straightforward, no cajoling, coddling or punishment, simply "get back into bed, its time for sleeping." and we leave his room immediately. so far, its working well. he still gets out of bed about once per nap/bedtime, but after that he's sound asleep. neither josh nor i are ready to let go of the nap yet, and we don't think tristan is either. he doesn't sleep as long at night as most kids his age, so we're hoping that he'll keep napping for awhile yet.

as much as i love my kids, there is nothing quite like the time after both are in bed, asleep, when josh and i sit down in the living room and just chill. i've got my glass of wine next to me, josh has a dvd on and i think i'm about to see if i can get a foot massage out of him before i head up to bed. goodnight!


Heather said...

Hope that you got your foot massage!!! I can totally relate to the juggling act at night. That is probably why as I look around my house, it is in complete shambles...You see I feel that at some point I have to do something for myself so now I am bike riding at night, which leaves house cleaning for nap time and late night time. Tonight it looks like ten pm cleaning. If you are interested in riding you are more than welcome to come with me. I have a bike trailer and one of your boys could go while the other stays home with Josh. Plus I have an extra bike...or if your interested in walking I'd like to start doing that in the mornings when it gets cooler. I needed the extra help to lose the weight and people to do things with me. So if your interested let me know. As for I'm must be off to clean the house. How does it get so messy with only me and Easton and the kids I babysit?????

Lovella ♥ said...

I may not be able to write very well while watching TV . .but I have perfect attention when reading your posts. I perk right up from my normal 9:59 sleepyness. . and start to smile. . even though you have grief in your home. .is makes me smile.

I like Jill's comment in the last post too. . . very fun. I just went back and reread it.

It's kind of funny .. the business about loving your kids but so loving the time after they go to bed. . .here is a shocker. . it changes not a speck .. .it must be flashbacks. ..but once I have the grands tucked in for naps. . I luxiouriously. . .lounge on the couch. . just like I used to.

Aimee said...

chiropractic virgin cracked me up!

running wildly said...

I'm in my 'fat clothes' too. Its that horrible inbetween phase where we're too small for maternity, and too big for regular. Sigh. And the huge knockers don't help!

Yes, I have trouble concentrating when the TV is on too. I actually laughed aloud when I read that. So random. But so brilliant.

Jennifer said...

Um....I think there is even video of M playing with his new camera while I made the dinner and the baby screamed in his bouncy chair...who knows what C was up to!
My phone has never rang alot though the door bell would ring. So unless it's vital let it ring.
Try turning the tv off and put some really soft and relaxing music allude to calmness. Who knows, it may spread into actual calmness.
Occasionally dinner does get burned or not turn out the way you wanted but edible at least.
That is to say, some evenings turn out that way if you have a partner home or not. Or at least that is the way mine went.
If I could do it over again I'd have made that man starve in order to take care of the baby.
Priorities. You've all got to eat and preferably sans baby screaming right. Hum, it's a tough one and yet we all seemed to have lived through it.

Keep getting therapy for your neck.
My Chiro uses a pro adjuster. Less scary than the manual adjustmens particularly regarding the neck. In fact we were all adjusted yesterday too! Been seeing one on a regular basis for years and years....sorry to have kept that a secret from you.

I must admit by the time it's bedtime I'm so ready for them to be in bed that I rarely read anymore and I just tuck them in and that is that....walk away and proceed to make a cup of tea and have my bath. That's when I get on the phone and or start knitting. I have the place really dark too. Only the necessary lights are on to promote stillness and ease into dreamland.
They stay up until 9 now. They don't come and bug me first thing anymore either. Which is bittersweet because am cuddle time is rarer nowadays. But C can take her own shower and R can even operate a toaster for his waffles!
So it happens that they are fed and dressed and not watching tv and I roll out of bed when I please. 8 am today. Heck I've just now been on the pc for 30 minutes and nothing bad has happend. But I wouldn't want to speak so soon...
At any rate take a peak into your future though my life. In a few short years you'll be in a similar place and the impossible evenings you face now will be a faded memory. That is unless you keep having more kids then yes difficult evenings will continue for a while longer. (I feel like a weather forcaster here) But the older kids do get more helpful as time goes on.
Work towards less chaos one moment at a time.
Luv you xoxo

Jennifer said...

Crap...look what just made me sob.

Nicole said...

Chiropractors are awesome . . . the other night I told Corey I love him dearly, but would love him even better if he were a chiropractor.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Chiro and massage during pregnancy should be required by law. And believe it or not, my pregnancy chiro checked my babies after they came home, noting that sometime the "scrunch down the delivery path" can knock a baby's neck out of alignment, and make for a grumpy whiny kid.

As a librarian for 16 massage schools around America, spread the word: massage is a very good thing.

Anonymous said...