Sunday, November 15, 2009


this morning i stayed home from church with both kids since tristan has a runny nose & a cough. i pulled out a hand-me-down toy that i've been saving for when he is super bored just so i could get a few moment's reprieve of constant whininess. its a remote control caterpillar truck thingy. he LOVES it. after playing with it for a few moments and realizing its utter coolness, he ran up to me, threw his arms around my neck and said "my cool truck so beooful! mommy, you so beooful too!" as my heart melted, i kissed his head and said, "tristan, i think you're so beautiful too." he replied. "no, mommy, me no so beooful. me tistan." oh. okay then.

not long ago i was trying to teach tristan about germs and why we wash our hands (especially before putting them in the baby's mouth). i was explaining to him that when he is sick he has germs in his nose and in his throat and we don't want to pass those germs on to other people, which is why we wash our hands. a few days later he was complaining that his throat hurt him and told me that he has worms in his throat. it took me awhile to realize that he thinks germs are worms. i didn't bothered to correct him because i figured if he wanted to visualize germs as worms, then it may help him understand the whole idea. a few days later his lips were getting pretty chapped and cracked. i asked him if they hurt and he said "yes. worms come out of my throat and bite my mouth!" then, just yesterday, i gave him some yogurt for a snack and afterwards he complained of a tummy ache. he told me, "ho-gurt yucky, mommy. ho-gurt put worms in my tummy! worms go round and round and round, hurt ME!" i'm now re-thinking this whole worm-germ business and am wondering if i should set him straight.

i took the boys to the store the other day to get them out of the house for a bit. i told tristan before we left that we could look at the toys, but we couldn't bring them home, just to avoid the tearful scenarios we've been encountering once in awhile. tristan was delighted to see all of the decorated christmas trees set up and he had a ball pushing buttons on various singing & moving ornaments. once we got to the toy section, he saw me looking at the prices on a few things and felt the need to remind me, "mommy, you hook at toys, but no taking home, oKAY??"

while going through my wallet (which, for some reason, he loves to do) he came across my driver's license. after staring at the photo for awhile, he exclaimed suddenly, "that's YOU, heidi!" upon further inspection he added, "mommy, you have pritty ears."

every few months or so josh and i will remark to each other how the age tristan is at now is our favorite age. we've been saying this since he was about 6 months old, but it really just keeps getting better and better. i love my baby samuel to bits, but i don't think i'd mind too much if i woke up one morning to find out that he has learned how to talk, walk, feed himself and play independantly. i know, i know... all of you mothers out there are gasping with horror right now to think that i'd wish away these baby moments that pass all too quickly anyhow. in all honestly i don't think i'd want to skip all of the next year or so, but a fast forward button to push every now and then wouldn't be half bad ;)


Christy B. said...

I just love this post! I got a good chuckle out of it. Yes, this age is adorable :) Enjoy every moment of it.

jessica said...

Tristan makes me laugh so hard. The things he says, it is just comical. Can I steal him next Friday for a sleepover with my kids. My kids would love it! I wish I could take baby Sam too, but maybe in a few more months. Can't wait to see you soon.
Love you,
Tell Tristan Auntie Sis says I hope he feels better and I hope he didn't get it from Johnny when they were wrestling around.

Lauren Williams said...

i am totally with you about skipping the early stages. And thad and i do the same thing with the stages, i love every one! tristan sounds like a cutie. I laughed reading this one!

Bonnie said...

Yup, I could skip a lot of the earlier stages too. So much more fun for me when they're a bit independent. Carson is finally there, yippee!!

running wildly said...

I know what you mean. The first stages are hard work....but then they turn into 5 year olds and say no. Not so fun anymore.

Kari said...

Your post made me giggle. Tristan sounds like such a gem! I'd love to meet him!
And, don't feel like a bad mum because you don't LOVE the baby stage. It's okay to not be crazy about a certain stage. It doesn't mean you are not crazy about your son! I, too, am looking forward to a little more independence on Coranelle's part!
Miss you! Have a great week!

dj kosmotronix said...

Thanks for sharing - your son is a ham! I recently read about "preserving" some of these gems by printing them on fun paper and creating a "book". It becomes a family favourite in years to come. I hope I'm diligent enough to create one when Kaiser begins talking.


Adams family said...

The worms crack me up, he is a funny little guy.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Tristan has a poet's soul.

(And if you had wished Tristan's earlier years away what would have blogged about??? Maybe it is time to re-read those early posts so you can refresh your awe of what wee ones inspire if you have the time to notice. Of course those of us with older kids are like "Our favorite age was when they moved out and could take care of themselves completely, including when they had sniffly colds!")