Monday, November 16, 2009

the results of too much reality tv

i'm downstairs watching "dancing with the stars" (oh, be quiet, you have NO idea how addicting it can be.) josh is upstairs working on his Bible study lesson for wednesday night. i hear samuel (who is teething like there's no tomorrow) starting to cry through the monitor. and i actually have the nerve to sit on my butt, waiting to see the judges' scores, hoping that josh will get up and put that darn pacifier back in the baby's mouth. of course, i quickly came to my senses and realized that my husband's study of the word of God is exponentially more important than my finding out if the dancing couple got a 10 or not. however, as i trudged up the stairs to soothe my wailing baby, all i could think of was, "he's just lucky i'm not watching "the bachelor!" "

bad mommy!


Aimee said...


Randy and Julie said...

Your too funny Heidi :o) Glad Im not the only mommy who does that sort of thing... Mine is the Biggest Loser and Amazing Race.

Bonnie said...

haha! I'm the same, but we just cut our cable. I can get sucked into all the reality shows. I miss Biggest Loser.

Anonymous said...

DVR really helped with reality TV since I could fast forward commercials or the boring sections. But without it, I just dont have time.

But I did laugh out loud at your humble admission. I too realize how I never miss project runway regardless of sick babies, but somehow havent managed to raise my 'daily bible reader' hand but twice since having children.