Thursday, November 19, 2009

what little boys are made of

i remember this nursery rhyme from when i was young, but i never stopped to really think about the words until now. what in the heck are snips? i'm thinking of changing it to say "capes and snails and puppy dog's tails" because my youngest has already decided that he is super hero in training. despite my best efforts at keeping his bib turned around and facing the proper direction, he repeatedly insists on squirming until it is facing backwards, just like a cape:

which does nothing in the way of drool-catching, but really makes him look ever so much cuter during tummy time. tristan hasn't really been into capes so much, but he is a big fan of one super hero in particular. for the longest time, whenever he'd see a question mark anywhere, especially on the computer keypad, he'd point to it and say something that sounded like "soopawhee". i would correct him saying "that's a question mark, honey", but he would pay me no mind and continue to call it a soopawhee. i finally got it one day when he was watching one of his favorite shows on PBSkids.

aha! the show is called "superwhy" and the main little caped hero has a question mark on his pen. "super why's" and "Jesus' crosses" (the plus sign) are his favorite symbols to type in his "letters" to daddy and gran and grammie and auntie sis. every day he asks if he can write them all a letter, so i allow him to email one person every day. he's already getting good at remembering to press the "shift" key in order to get the symbols he wants in his message.

though tristan's words have become increasingly easy to understand, there is still one word (or phrase?) that he says that has both josh and i stumped. when he's all playful and pretending to be buzz or a dinosaur, he'll often say something along the lines of "baby sam not to happen!" at first i thought he was saying "not too happy" but he told me he isn't saying that at all. this morning at the grocery store it was "mommy not to happen maybe not." what??!! i do love it when he says "maybe not" though, because he uses it almost in the correct context. the other day he was looking for his "noculars" (binoculars) and i told him to look in his toybox. when he came to me empty handed, i asked, "were they in your toybox?" to which he responded. "no....maybe not."

speaking of groceries, i just realized that they are still sitting in my car. got to go unload them...bought a few things to make my cousin miranda's delicious looking potato corn chowder recipe for dinner tonight! my mouth is already watering.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Oh Heidi! He's got it all wrong doesn't he...Canadians end their sentence with "eh?", not "maybe not".

Maybe he isn't planning on really being half Canadian after all.


laura.railing said...

how cute :) i just love the way kids say things, even if it's hard to understand! That corn chowder sounds so good! If you melt butter in the pot first- 4-5 Tbs- and add flour (and onions if you like )simmer for a few minutes then stir in the milk and veggies it works like a charm to prevent clumps.

lil said...

So cute!! I hope you figure out one day what he's saying. :)
I "firmly" agree with Laura about making the cream soup!! You always add flour to the 'grease', be it for turkey gravy, or white sauce, so it doesn't lump at all!! Melt the butter, but then turn take it off the heat to stir in the flour. Add the milk slowly and put on low heat. I would cook the potatoes and veggies separately, so you don't have to boil the cream mixture. We made this kind of soup alot at the YWAM base. ;)
Schmechts gut!!

kelly ens said...

Taeya loves superwhy too! :)
i wonder what he's trying to say with the 'not to happen'...?

laura.railing said...

Lol I just looked up various meanings for that nursery rhyme. They either don't make sense or are gross. I like your changed variation MUCH more!! :-D

Kathy said...

Cute post. I wonder if Tristan is trying to say "nothing will happen" as in the super hero will protect you. Don't worry - nothing will happen - maybe not. Super hero in training. Cute post.

Grandma J. said...

I can hardly wait to converse with your young superhero(s), face to face. XO

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh funny .. .I love trying to figure out what the grands are saying. . .there is one that is really stumping me now. . .and I'll put it nicely.
Grandgirlie holds up the little red truck and says. .everytime .. free fruck. . .now I figured out the truck part ..but I can't figure out the free since I doubt she means tree truck.

Maybe she does mean tree truck . .or Maybe Not .. .

(see Jill? .. we don't end everything with eh)