Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ordinary days

well, the big news in our household is that mommy is finally feeling better! after 2 very long weeks of moping about in my bathrobe, feeling sick and disgusting, i awoke this morning and tentatively swallowed. i found, to my delight, that for once i could swallow without scrunching my face up in pain! of course i'm not 100% back to normal. i tend to get coughing fits at the most unfortunate when i'm on the phone trying to make an appointment, or while i'm trying to soothe my baby to sleep. but other than a cough and a bit of a drainage issue now and then, i'm on the road to good health. which means that i have no more excuses as to why i can't workout. jillian has been impatiently waiting for me, gathering dust on top of my dvd player and i can almost feel my muscles tremble when i think about starting up that 30 day shred dvd all over again. its going to really suck.

the other big news is that samuel went from having 2 teeth to having 5 teeth within a matter of days. tooth number 6 is desperately trying to hold its ground, but i know it'll be popping out any day now as well. with his ear infection and pink eye all cleared up, samuel is back to his old self with a few new tricks thrown in. no, he still isn't crawling at 8 1/2 months (though he can scoot around a bit on his tummy, he prefers to just lay there and sob his little eyes out so that we'll feel sorry for him and flip him over), he has now discovered how to pull himself up to standing. it doesn't matter if the only thing next to him is a cereal box, somehow he seems able to use almost anything to help him get upright. and then he thinks he's hot stuff and he'll try to cruise along the furniture, which often ends in an ubrupt, unplanned for sit-down followed by a few moments of tears before he tries it all over again. samuel is definitely a determined boy without a lot of patience.

tristan has all of a sudden become enamored with the phone again. he went through a long spell where he didn't want to talk to anyone on the phone, but just lately he's been asking to "talk to people" all the time. of course, as soon as i hand the phone to him, he has to say, "you no look at me mommy" (something he says all the time when he's feeling a little self concious, like when he has to aplogize to his brother) and then he rambles on and on to the poor soul on the other end who probably only understands 25% of what he is saying. tristan roams as he talks, moving from room to room and often commenting about what he is seeing in that room as he passes through. its actually quite hilarious to listen to from my end and quite confusing, i'm sure from the other end. he still amazes me with his sweetness and compassion, often kissing my boo-boo's and telling me "i wuv you mommy" while clinging to my neck at random times throughout the day. oh, and the imaginitive play! i always wondered at what age this would start and i am finding it so much fun to listen in on the conversations his toys have with one another and hear the different voices he uses for the characters he's made up. he cracks me up every single day and i really can hardly wait until samuel is old enough to be his playmate instead of the annoying baby brother who likes to taste-test tristan's toys.

this day to day stuff that seems so normal right now will inevitably change slightly as the weeks progress and then change even more as the months progress and down the road, when i look back on this time of my life, the details will be a little hazy, like a picture taken out of focus. i'll remember some things incorrectly (oh, labor wasn't that bad!) and other things will remain crystal clear (every nursing mom knows the distinct pain their babies cause when they learn to bite with those tiny, razor sharp teeth). this is by far the main reason i keep this blog. lately i haven't felt very motivated to write because it seems like nothing great is going on in my life. but when i remember that by blogging, i'm keeping a sort of virtual scrapbook, it makes me want to jot down those little things that seem so ordinary right now. if you have time, i definitely recommend taking 7 1/2 minutes to watch this clip called the gift of an ordinary day. and i dare you not to cry while watching it!

keep enjoying all the ordinary moments in your life.


kelly ens said...

all the best as you are reunited with jillian. i remember our reunion well :(
i love the imaginative play over here too - it's just so cute to stand outside her door, or around teh corner and listen while i try not to giggle :)

Aimee said...

I just loved this post. It was so filled with love for your boys and the joy of discovering who they are. You captured the feelings well.

Grandma J. said...

Being a mommy is a tough but oh so rewarding job. Watching the video clip warmed my heart and spoke such truth about enjoying the ordinary everyday happenings right now. Loving you all. XO

dj kosmotronix said...

Welcome back, glad you're feeling better.


Lovella ♥ said...

Heidi dear, I love your new spring look. . very lovely. I also like the little blog line underneath your title. . missing the clouds too.

OH .. yes. . .life is nearly all nothing out of the ordinary. I so recall lots of days of nothing but oh I wish I had documented them then like you are now. . it will be a gift for you . . .I know it will be.
Keep on girl .. and I pray you feel 100% very soon.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Already I am amazed at what everyday life moments have been forgotten by me, re-discovered by scanning back through my blog. No blogging during my early motherhood...all I have are notations on calendars and prayer journals. You are blessed with this electronic wonder at this time of your life.

Your phone happy boy chatting it up with hapless folks: I never allowed my kids to do that, and used to grit my teeth when my friends would put their tykes on the phone mid conversation.

I took notes of the culprits, and plan to allow senile elderly relatives to ring the offenders up someday...both the parents and the children, who undoubtably will really be in for surprise.

Just a friendly warning there Josh...

Hold tight to your longing for the day your boys will be playmates instead of Samuel just being an annoying little brother. Be sure to let us all know how that turns out. Hoping it will be wonderfully so, but suspect they will be both playmates and annoying siblings to each other on any given day.

Julie said...

Your boys sound so sweet. Wish I could meet them. Glad your feeling better. Im actually going to be picking up the 30 shred video today and starting it! Time to get these last 10 lbs off. Ive had a lot of friends on FB talking about it. Jillians going to kill us both!

Julie said...

A lot of friends on FB talking about the video, not my weight ;o)

Neha said...

Hey Heidi..I feel you deserve the beautiful blogger award. Visit today's post...

Smile always!