Friday, July 09, 2010

early morning post with a couple of recipe links

it is 4:45am. i've been up for over an hour listening to my baby cough in his crib and feeling my extremely sick and feverish husband toss and turn in bed. why not add blogging to the party?

my parents arrived yesterday afternoon to much fanfare and hugs and slobbery kisses. i'm not sure if i was happier to see them or to know that i wouldn't be asked for the millionth time when they were coming. that morning, when tristan tore apart the last paper chain and i asked him how many more sleeps until he got to see grammie and grandad, he said,
"we're all done sleeping now, so they can come today!" of course he had to wear his buzz lightyear costume for their arrival (a hand-me-down that i kept hidden as long as possible because, sure enough, he wants to wear it every waking moment of every day. and every sleeping moment too) and was in cloud 9 telling grammie what and how to play with him while samuel clung to grandad's leg, beaming up at him. he's a grandad lover, that's for sure.

and then, after dinner, my parents pulled out their box of canadian goodies (hickory sticks! dad's cookies! butter chicken sauce! roger's golden syrup! homemade jam!) while we licked our lips in anticipation of sampling all of it. and the thought just now occurred to me that my mom will simply have to make rollkuchen while she is here. i had no idea my mouth knew how to water like this at five o' clock in the morning. and i had no idea how long it takes me to think and type simultaneously at five o' clock in the morning.

our plans for the next 10 days include......going to SEA WORLD!!! and i am a bit giddy with excitement over this surprise because tristan has never been and the last time i went i was 10 years old, and it is just going to rock. (do people say that anymore? rock?) my mom will be joining me one evening to learn how to play bunco with my bunco group, which will be a hoot. (okay, now "hoot" is much more likely to be passe than "rock", i think) and i know that there will be many many visits to the park if tristan has any say in the matter. we likely won't see my parents again for about 6 more months, so we are definitely going to cram as many memories into this time as we can.

oh yeah and last night i made a new chicken enchilada recipe. the one i've been using all these years, which is one of josh's favorite meals, is pretty heavy on the cheese and sour cream and all of that. i was a little bit concerned that this lighter version wouldn't be as tasty, but i think it did a pretty fine job and was mightily impressed! of course it was a bit more work to make my own broth and green sauce instead of just opening cans, but in my opinion anything that is made from scratch and preservative free is generally worth the effort because it is so much healthier for my family.

i actually have had a blog post about changing my family's eating habits one step at a time brewing in the back of my mind, but i'll save it for another day when i am writing at a more earthly hour.

is this long enough? did i end it okay? i have no clue. all i know is that i need to get downstairs and make myself some strong coffee, pronto. and you have no idea how many spelling errors spellcheck found just now.

happy friday!


kelly ens said...

haha - this was entertaining...mostly the 'rock' and 'hoot' comments. i don't say hoot as much as my mom, but i definitely say 'rock' :)
gonna take a look at that enchilada recipe - enjoy the time with your parents :)

Julie said...

Hope you can get some extra sleep while your parents are here. My second has been waking at unearthly hours lately... No fun. Hope your hubby and baby feel better soon, bummer that they are sick during your parents visit.

lil said...

SO glad that Darrell and Judy are with you again!! I guess it's your mom's vacation time from school! She works alot, so pamper her, too! Go for a pedicure together, or facial!! It's alot more fun doing that with someone. I sure wish you lived closer to Colorado.
Enjoy your 10 days!!

Aimee said...

Since I'm reading blogs while Lance is working on a sermon I had to hold back my laughter at "rock" and "hoot". Not that you said them - but your comments. Hilarious.

Hope your time with your folks is great and that your family feels better SOON!

Lauren Williams said...

i cant believe you can blog before coffee!!!!!! that is one tough mom, or mum! have fun with your parents!

Lovella ♥ said...

OH . .look I'm right after an asian friend of yours ;0)
Do have a hoot with your parents and I hope your time with them rocks. . and I do hope that your mom made rollkuchen for you too. I'm commissioned to make a super huge batch on Sunday . ..and hoping the weather will be the way it should. At least you always have rollkuchen weather there.