Friday, July 02, 2010

random news, random pictures

it is rather difficult to keep my blog visually interesting without posting pictures of my children on it. most of the time i don't bother posting my own photos, but once in awhile i like to go through a few albums and see if there are any childless pictures of interest that are post-able. today i found a few.

i love the surprises tristan leaves for me on our old camera's memory card. so many of the pictures are too blurry to even decipher what he was trying to capture, but once in awhile he gets a good shot. the above picture of his shirt was taken after i showed him how to use the delay timer. he had a great time posing for oodles of self portraits after that.

here is a picture tristan took of one of samuel's birthday presents. it is rather loud and annoying, so of course tristan and samuel love it and daddy can't stand it.

i really like this one, blurriness and all.

there are more of these types of pictures than anything else....seriously, why? i suppose he is more into the "still life" photos at this point in his hobby.

the big, fat lizard that was climbing up our house the other day. of course you can't tell how big he was from this picture, but he was pretty darn big. big enough that i was scared to walk underneath him to get inside the house, just in case he decided to fall onto my head. {shudders}

samuel LOVES to push things right now and race along behind them until he falls flat on his face, laughing the whole time. i like how tristan carefully strapped his teddy bear into the stroller before allowing samuel to push him around. safety first!

tristan has always enjoyed lining things up and grouping things together, but now he is into counting those groups. he is still lost once he gets past 13, but he is really very good with his numbers.

the morning glory that i am trying to train to cover our back fence with strategically placed sticks and branches that i collect on my walks.

my rather jumbled up flower garden. everything seems to be doing well and i obviously didn't plant it all far enough apart because they're now getting into each other's hair. i also mistakenly planted bachelor buttons in the front row, thinking they were african daisies and now they are so tall that they are hiding all of the pretty flowers in the back row. still, i love the colors and plan on seeding many of the same plants, but making sure they are a little tidier next year.

the rest of this post is going to be in point form because that is just how my brain is working today:

* tristan tripped outside about a week ago and fell so quickly that he didn't have time to brace himself....he landed on his face, hitting his front tooth. it was pretty bloody and messy and now that his gums are all healed up, his tooth is turning grey, which i was worried it would do. he had x-rays taken at the dentist and all looks well under the gums, so he's just going to have to live with a "dirty tooth" for a few more years until he loses it. i don't know why, but this makes me really sad. he, on the other hand is hoping that it will turn black and every day he asks if the dentist can pull it out.

* samuel has taken a step here and there, but today for the first time he took 2 steps in a row, and then 3! it was cool that josh was home to see it. he loves the attention and excitement we show, so i don't think it will be long before he's toddling around all over the place, just in time to show off for grammie and grandad.

* my parents are arriving here on thursday and will be staying with us for 10 days! i am very excited about their visit and tristan can barely wait. we made a paper chain together and every morning he breaks a chain off and we count how many more sleeps are left until they get here. if we happen to forget to break a chain in the morning, he will tell me, "mommy, we gotfor the chain!" i no longer correct his mispronunciations because i know that all too soon he'll be saying his words correctly and i'll miss the way he talks now. my current favorite is when he calls his goggles his "gobbles." cracks me up every time.

* tristan spent 2 days with his cousins this week, including overnight. it was a welcome break to have only 1 child to focus on, but i didn't anticipate the boredom i'd feel! nap time was heavenly, but other than that i kept wracking my brain for things to do with a 1 year old. we took plenty of walks together and a bit of shopping, but whenever we were home, he'd sort of crawl around aimlessly wondering where his entertaining older brother was.

* tomorrow josh and i are taking tristan on a date to see toy story 3, just the three of us. i can't really remember the last time we did something without his little brother along. tristan cannot wait. we found some toy story gummies at wal mart the other day that we promised he could eat at the theater. this boy has been a huge toy story fan since he was about 18 months old. i remember one night he had a night terror at 2 in the morning and the only thing that calmed him down was when i popped our very well used toy story video into the VCR. i've written about his buzz lightyear obsession before (well, actually i've written about it a whole lot from the looks of my search results on the word "buzz") so i suppose i don't need to remind you all of how much he adores his winged hero. i doubt i'll be watching the movie as much as i'll be watching my little boy's face tomorrow.

his perfect little face, dirty tooth and all.


Anonymous said...

I would nag a little with the dirty tooth. Ellie had one from hitting the coffee table at 18 months. At her regular check ups through the years, they *insisted* there would be no problems.

Now her adult tooth is grey as well. The dentist changes his tune and says "you just never know" :(

I want to take Brianna to see Toy Story. Not sure if she would dig the 3D or not.


Lori said...

We leave for Tahoe in 10 days. This morning we made a paper chain. :-)

Amy@Sassy Scarlett said...

I love the pictures, I think its awesome that he is interested in using a camera. Its fun to see what they find worthy of photographing. Have fun at the movie, sounds like it will be a wonderful time :)

rachel joy said...

We call that "the noisy toy". It stays in the closet and rarely comes out. Can't wait to give it back to the people who gave it to us when they start a family. We'll send along some extra batteries, too. :)

jackveronic said...


Grandma J. said...

And only two more sleeps for us to leave! Lots to do today. Thanks for the post - I can hardly wait to see young Samuel walking and Tristan telling us all kinds of stories. And remember our picpic together too. Fun times, see you soon. XO

kelly ens said...

-Ezra loves the ball popper too :) I actually don't mind it.
-sorry about tristan's tooth :(
-the paper chain is a FANTASTIC idea!!!
-yay for Samuel starting to take some stepping adventures :)

Alvin & Denise Engler said...

Cherith's tooth went grey when she knocked it running down our very steep driveway. After a few weeks though, it started turning back white again. Apparently, sometimes the tooth heals itself so there's hope. I can relate to the sad feeling though.

Anneliese said...

I like the paper chain idea. Enjoy your time with your parents!