Thursday, December 16, 2010

the unbearable aftertaste of breakfast cereal

is it really that odd to eat a bowl of soup for breakfast instead of a bowl of cereal? i've come to realize that my morning sickness is aggravated by the aftertaste that sweet foods leave in my mouth. breakfast cereal is the worst. this morning i ate a bowl of cereal, then ran upstairs to brush my teeth. later, i ate an orange and was so overcome by the lingering sweetness that i popped a piece of peppermint gum in my mouth, only to discover that once i spit it out, the aftertaste from the gum was even bothering me. salty things are pretty much fine...almost too fine. last night at a christmas party, i indulged in quite a lot of shrimp cocktail and now i can't stop thinking about shrimp. i crave chili (weird, right?), mexican food, and tomato soup with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top. christmas baking holds no appeal for me whatsoever and i have very sadly discovered that even my favorite holiday drink, peppermint mochas are simply too rich for my taste buds to handle. hopefully there will only be 5 more weeks left of this perpetual carsickness before i can resume my normal eating habits.

our house is once more empty of house guests, but only for 2 weeks. my mom flies in on december 30th to celebrate tristan's 4th birthday with us. so far she hasn't missed a single one of his birthdays and i love looking forward to her new year's visit because then the letdown after christmas is postponed a couple of weeks. tristan has told me that he wants a buzz and woody cake this year, which i will attempt to make myself. (picture of cake may or may not make an appearance on this blog depending on how successful my attempt is.) he also tells me that he wants thirteen candles on his cake. thirteen is his current favorite number. if i tell him that we're going to leave the house in 20 minutes, he always responds with, "how about 13 minutes, mom? that sounds good." he's sort of fanatical about numbers right now, counting everything in sight (and he can count up to 50, so it can take for-ev-er) and walking around with josh's calculator, pressing the buttons and then reciting the numbers, always starting with "0". this morning i found him shining a flashlight into samuel's mouth, trying to count his teeth. samuel, of course, was laughing like a maniac.

now that jacob has left, samuel again refuses to say "mama" or any other words. he's our little mute boy signing and grunting and fussing when we can't understand him. i thought tristan was a slow talker, but even he was saying quite a few words by this age. samuel is terribly good at running and jumping and getting into everything he shouldn't be getting into. surprisingly, our christmas tree hasn't proven to be as much of a sam-magnet as i thought it would be. he's more fascinated with the lights than the actual tree or the ornaments. we've taken the boys out driving after dinner a couple of times to look at the christmas lights and samuel is very vocal in his appreciation of all the festive, lit up lawn ornaments. the grocery store has a huge blow up santa and a snowman on top of 2 of the aisles and, while waiting in line the other morning, samuel was pointing to them and loudly "ahhhhh-ing" and "wow-ing" his delight. the teenage girl behind us in line was texting and kept looking at samuel with a frown and then turning around, trying to see what he was so excited about. any time she turned back to her phone, samuel became quite urgent with his pointing, wanting her to see exactly what he was seeing. finally, after i had paid i leaned over and told her, "he's showing you the huge santa and snowman" and her face lit up when she spotted them. she smiled at samuel, saying "that's what you were showing me!" and his grin was enormous. it really will be nice when we finally have a breakthrough and he begins using words to communicate.

but not nearly as nice as when my mouth has a breakthrough and won't be bothered by things like breakfast cereal anymore.


Amy@Sassy Scarlett said...

I would have been perfectly happy eating only bean and cheese burritos when I was pregnant with both of my kids. And I totally laughed imagining Tristan shining a flashlight in his brothers mouth, that cracks me up.

Miranda said...

I had soup for breakfast yesterday. Its perfectly reasonable in my mind :) I am also not opposed to eating things like leftover mashed potatoes and things.

Cherie said...

Oh my word, that is too ardorable! What is it with boys and not wanting to talk! Maybe he will take after Dad and wait till he is 4!:) haha.

Love ya!

Cherie said...


Julie said...

I dont like sweet things when Im pregnant either. Maybe your having a girl (btw you would have a beautiful little girl, your boys are so handsome with almost pretty features, in a very good way)! Too cute about Tristan shinning the flashlight in Samuels mouth and Samuel thinking its hilarious :o) My third still isnt talking and she turns 2 next month... Its kind of frustrating when she wants something and I have no idea what she wants.

Jennifer said...

When Christmas time is over I immedately go into pink/valentines mode.
Pink decorations and pink table cloth and pink placemats and pink flowers help get through the rest of winter without so much Christmas withdrawl.
Oh and then there is your birthday to look forwards to! :)

Jessica said...

While waiting in line at the grocery store this week, Jack saw those same jumbo decorations & was squealing with Christmas glee. It made me think of this post & sweet Samuel ; )