Tuesday, January 04, 2011

spaceships and sock lint

while my youngest naps and my oldest is out on a "date" with his grammie, i will try to get a quick post written.

i had my 2nd doctor's appointment this morning and got to meet my midwife - a charming grandmotherly type with a welsh accent. the baby's heartbeat was nowhere to be found, which didn't concern her, since 12 weeks is usually the point that the doppler begins to pick it up, but she was slightly concerned about the fact that my uterus is measuring larger than it should at this point. she said the reasons for this could either be: a) i'm further along than i thought, b) there is more than one baby in there, or c) i have a fibroid. she scheduled an ultrasound for me next tuesday, so i have a week to wait during which i'm sure i'll be plagued with dreams that i'm delivering triplets.

tristan still calls the baby bodie, says its a girl, and told me the other night out of the blue, "mommy, there's 2 little babies in your tummy." i have no idea where he got that notion, especially since i've never mentioned the possibility to him. i just said, "i don't think so, honey" and smiled a tight smile, while my heart skipped several beats. obviously, i'm praying very fervently for option "a" right now.

tristan turned 4 on saturday. he was all flushed cheeks and un-erasable dimples, thrilled at everything from the buzz lightyear napkins, to the amateur looking cake my mom and i made for him. when the cake was first unveiled, he exclaimed, "i like it!!" then i asked him what he thought it was and he said, "i don't know." after showing him what was supposed to be a spaceship with fire coming out behind it, he thought it was even cooler than before, which made me ever so happy.

the evening of his birthday, he was taking his black socks off before getting into the bathtub and noticed little black lint balls between his toes. i told him it was just from his socks and he said, "no mommy, its from my birthday cake." i had to admit that the pieces of lint did resemble chocolate cake crumbs, and by then he was carefully picking each piece out saying, "how did this happen?" i got the giggles and couldn't hide my laughter from him, so he chastised me sternly saying, "mommy, no.... we don't laugh at this."

my mom leaves in 2 days and her visit has been such a godsend for this tired mama. she watches the kids while i rest in bed, tirelessly washes all of our dishes by hand (our dishwasher is broken yet again), and plays hi-ho-cherry-oh with tristan to his heart's content. having her around makes me realize how alluring the idea of a nanny would be to those who can afford it. its not that i'd hire someone to watch my kids while i'd go out to shop and get my nails done; but just having another set of loving, helping hands around makes such a big difference both to me and to my kids. josh and i were able to get away for a double date (dinner and a movie!) on sunday and my mom is taking us all out to dinner tomorrow night. we sure feel spoiled when my parents are in town, and we savor every bit of it.
enough of blogging....i'm going to take advantage of this quiet house and take a nap. happy new year!


kelly ens said...

oh boy...i hope for option a for you too! let us know how the ultrasound goes.
the lint/chocolate crumb story made me laugh - so cute :)
i'm glad you're enjoying time with your mom there. i don't know how those of you who are close to your moms relationally, but live far away, do it.
happy new year :)

rachel joy said...

ooo, that's a bit nerve wracking hey? Is this a good time to tell you that my friend's 4 year old said the same thing when she was pregnant with her 4th ... and 5th at the same time?! Jaxon has been big into sock lint too lately. He often checks and announces "gone!" when he's done the job.

Miranda said...

I love that he said No mommy, we don't laugh at this. What a cutie! I hope your ultrasound goes well.

Sarah said...

The lint story is so cute! I love it!
Your cake is adorable, I plan on making Adam's for his 1st bday at the end of the month & I'll be happy if it looks as good!
Scary about twins!! Hope your US goes well & that you're just farther along :)

Sarafina said...

Good job on the cake, it looks great! I love that he loved it without knowing what it was! The lint story is so cute, I just love the darndest things they say, and I always forget them...good idea to write it down. Looking back on this blog will bring back such good memories later on (0:

Neha said...

That is scary. Hope it's option a :)

And that cake looks yummy... wish I could be part of the celebrations :)

Jennifer said...

Oh honey, you jinxed yourself with option B weeks ago. Course I'll join you in hoping for A though on your behalf.

Lovely job on the cake and thanks for sharing the precious 4 year old voice-ness.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

One more "sleep" until this womb wondering will wind up one way or another. Hang in there, we are praying for you. Psalm 23 thinking meantime. Goodness and mercy is His plan for you!

Kathy said...

Your stories induced many giggles over here.

If you have twins, I hope God blesses you with a nanny! In the meanwhile - here's a hug and a prayer.