Tuesday, January 18, 2011

time keeps on going

so, i had another appointment this morning and got the results from the ultrasound. everything that we were concerned about is fine, but the placenta is extremely low, covering my cervix. my midwife said that most often, as the uterus grows, the placenta will move upwards and away from danger, but we won't know if that is happening until my next ultrasound in 5-7 weeks. so i was commanded to do no heavy lifting and no exercise until we know if i'm in the clear. tristan weighs a good 44 lbs, so i'm going to have to remember not to pick him up to lift him onto things anymore.

apart from that, everything is going well. i'm 13 weeks tomorrow and am feeling more queasy-free moments throughout the day. even though i still weigh less than i did before i got pregnant, my stomach is completely hanging out and i reluctantly opened my big box of tired old maternity clothes the other day. i'm definitely still chubby-rather-than-pregnant looking, but nothing says comfort like a pair of elastic waisted pants.

we went from having cold days and freezing nights only a couple of weeks ago, to having summer temperatures every day. its been really nice to be outside so much and i'm beginning to get the itch to start seeding my spring flowers soon. spring has always been my favorite time of year, mostly because my parents' backyard was full of fruit trees that would blossom like crazy in the spring. the first year i lived down here, i remember taking a walk on my birthday and noticing that there were a ton of fruit trees blossoming....in JANUARY!! i felt like it was a birthday present for me, and now every year i look forward to enjoying such a super early spring.

now that i'm beginning feeling better, josh and i have been talking more and more about taking the plunge and moving our 2 boys into the same bedroom. we figured it would be better to do it early so that they won't feel so displaced once the baby arrives. i've been putting it off for so long because, frankly, i am so rigid about the bedtime routine that i can't bear to think of so many changes taking place at once. i rely on a quiet, calm dark room with a little bit of rocking to help samuel get nice and drowsy before laying him in his crib. its worked so well for so long that i have no idea how he'll handle having tristan in there with him. and it looks like the rocking chair may not fit in that room once they're sharing, which is fine because i'll want it in the baby's room anyhow, but i'm wondering if samuel really "needs" that part of the routine, or whether i'm the one who needs it the most! its going to be hard for me to see sam turning into a big boy when i still think of him as my baby. i do know that once the dust has settled, my boys will love sharing a room. and josh and i will sure love having only one spot to put all their toys instead of having them scattered in nooks and crannies around the house.

i hear the baby waking up from his nap (see? i can't help but still call him the baby!), but before i sign off, i wanted to share a little tristan funny from the other day. it was sunday morning and i was getting ready for church. tristan was in my room, telling me all about the dream he had, and i decided to wear perfume, which i don't often wear since having kids. as i'm holding the perfume in my hand, tristan stops in the middle of his story and gasps, "mommy! that bottle is SO beautiful! and you look so beautiful too, mommy." i sprayed some perfume on my wrists and then bent down to give him a hug and thank him. i heard him sniff a couple of times, then he looked up at me with his nose wrinkled and said, "but it smells like pee!" in defense of my perfume, it is my most expensive, most favorite perfume, and it most definitely does not smell like pee, but i think tristan just isn't used to me wearing such a strong scent. i laughed.


Lovella ♥ said...

oh cherry blossoms. I noted the temps down there this moring as I was watching the news and I thought of you. . .thinking that this is probably the perfect weather. I'm so glad it has dried out there.
I love the stories about the kids. You will be so glad to took time to put those into your blog.

Julie said...

I hope the bedroom sharing goes smoothly for you... Heres a tip, use bunkbeds. Its a lot less tempting for the kids to goof off together if they cant see each other :o) It also declutters the room a bit with limited space.

Its amazing how much the youngest grows up when a new baby arrives. I was calling my third the baby until our new one came, now she seems HUGE!

Im glad your feeling some non-sick feeling moments throught the day. Hope the nausea leaves your completely soon.

Anneliese said...

Your story reminds me of Kristal - when she was about three years old - a boy in her SS class (Andy J) told her she stinks. She was very hurt and the SS had to reasure her that she smelled nice. It's a story that has stuck bec she ended up growing up with him and never cared for him since that episode.

Neha said...

That's a funny comment from Tristan; though even more adorable is how he expresses his love for you.

Hope everything turns out well and you feel better soon :)

Miriam said...

Sorry, thank God it's only one! I can't imagine having twins at any stage, let alone after two kids!! Ha ha..
BTW, my sister-in-law transitioned my nieces (similar age gap) into two rooms and it is working really well. Don't worry about - Samuel's routine wouldn't have stayed the same forever anyway. You are an incredible mama and you will make anything work. Miriam

Grandma J. said...

Heidi, I Love your background - makes it feel like spring really is (for us anyway) just around the corner. It's been a busy week and I find it hard to believe that January is almost over. Time does has a way of just plodding along.