Tuesday, January 11, 2011

just one!

one perfectly healthy little 12 week old baby who's first picture makes it look like a gummy bear. i have to wait another week for my next doctor's appointment to hear all the details, but from what the ultrasound technician shared with me, it seems like everything looks perfectly normal. i teared up when i saw a perfectly formed hand with all 5 fingers apparent, the thumb inside the baby's mouth. no matter how many ultrasounds i've had in my life, they never ever get old.

thanks for your thoughts and prayers. i think this whole thing has given me a huge dose of perspective. only 3 kids? no problem!


villagegirl said...

Yay for a healthy baby!
And yes, I've met your brother. Our whole family loves him. :)

Julie said...

Been thinking about you... Glad its just one :o)

Miranda said...

yay for one baby. :D

Neha said...

Congratulations once again! So glad that the baby is good and healthy. Take care

Grandma J. said...

I am just thinking, right now, since I don't always think too hard in the early mornings, that perhaps the twin scare was God's way of helping you along in anticipating the joy of another child in your family. Love you and your precious family. XO

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!! Heidi I am so happy for you and your new healthy baby. I can't wait to find out the gender. Have a wonderful day!
Love you,