Sunday, March 06, 2011

life lately

(aren't they sweet? just as i'd hoped, both of my boys are following in their parents footsteps and becoming quite the bookworms. this makes my heart happy)

thank you for all of your notes of congratulations on my last post. we are beyond thrilled to be having a daughter and sometimes i feel like i need to pinch myself to see if i'm dreaming! i've had to restrain myself from becoming a whirlwind of organization and from completely emptying her room out so we can get it all ready. i've still got 5 whole months, but i want to get it all done now! we've started the process by giving away all of our boys' clothes that samuel has grown out of to our friends who have or are having little boys soon. we've also bought paint for the walls, which we are hoping to get to next weekend, and i've filled her closet with little pink clothes hangers which i found at the thrift store last week. they're pink! seriously, this frilly stuff is all so new to me, its going to be tough not going overboard in how girly i make everything! oh, and i found the perfect crib bumber at the thrift store as well. (99c for pottery barn kids brand!) i didn't think that i was going to be using a crib bumper this time, but when i saw the price tag and the pretty little purple flowers and butterflies all over it, i changed my mind.

tristan's reaction to hearing the news after the ultrasound was cute. i asked him if he remembered why i had to go to the doctors and he just blurted out, "which one is it mom?" (meaning is it a boy, or a girl?) when i told him it was a girl, he got this huge grin on his face because he was right all along. he was a little heartbroken, though when i told him that his sister's name won't officially be "baby bodie". i assured him that he could continue calling her bodie for as long as he wanted to and that maybe she'd like that name better than her real name. he seemed to like that idea.

samuel is completely clueless when it comes to this whole new baby thing. even when i point at my tummy and tell him there's a baby inside, he just looks at me as if to say, "so?" he does love little babies though and is very intrigued with my friends' newborns that he sees now and then, touching their little toes and smiling with delight when they yawn or make noises. he'll be a good big brother, but i think we're going to really have to work on the "being gentle" part or he'll just go ahead and poke her in the eye or sit on her tummy without thinking.

we had a lovely 2 week period where the boys did great sleeping in the same room together. all good things must come to an end, though and lately samuel has been having a difficult time falling asleep at night. he tosses and turns and grunts and kicks noisily at his crib slats and all of this would be easily ignorable if it wasn't for his older brother trying to fall asleep in the same room. i've been pretty strict with not allowing him to nap for more than 2 hours a day, and tonight i put him to bed 15 minutes later than normal to see if he'd be extra sleepy, but its been half an hour and i still hear him in there. oh well, i guess its just another thing that tristan will have to get used to. hearing his brother rolling around in bed is probably preferable to hearing the teenager next door practice her karaoke :)


Julie said...

Im still so excited that your having a girl! Your going to love watching your hubby get immediately wrapped around your baby girls finger. It happens the moment after birth.

inquisitivesensitive said...

Thank you sooo much for the plethora of clothes you have passed on to Brodie! He is so well dressed and the amount of money you are saving us is immense! I'm soo soo excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery and hear more about what you plan to name her (if you plan on revealing that obviously). :)

kelly ens said...

ahh....the wonderful world of girly and frilly :) enjoy!
hope the boys continue to adjust to these sleep changes.

Jennifer said...

Essential oil of lavender if nothing else can help a restless Samuel to sleep.
I have pink hangers to give you silly, all you had to do was ask.
I love everything butterflies too :)

Sarah D said...

I can imagine the tough time you're having restraining yourself from all the adorable girly stuff! I always take a peak in the girl section of stores - it's too cute to resist! Your mom will have to bring you some stuff from JOE at Superstore, I'm telling you, their stuff is seriously cute!! Rivals Carters if you ask me :)