Saturday, March 19, 2011

warning: there is poop in this post

(this image was meant to invoke thoughts of the cool green color of pistachio ice cream. it was in no way meant to invoke images of green poop, though with the title of my post, i've no doubt that it has done just that. if you are in any way grossed out, i apologize. i, on the other hand, now have a giant craving for pistachio ice cream.)

oh, my poor blog. its been almost a week since i payed any attention to it. i do have a longer post brewing in my mind, but for now here are a few things that have been going on:

*the baby's room is painted the color of pistachio ice cream and i love it! it will be my parents' room for all of next week and then we'll be able to move the crib in and start setting up the nursery. we found a crib this morning at a garage sale for $20 including the mattress!

*my parents are arriving on monday for their annual spring break visit. my mom and i have plans to shop for a mother of the groom dress, and tristan has plans to show off his bike riding skills and fly his new kite with grandad.

*i fell down the stairs a few days ago while holding samuel. my belly is getting in the way of me seeing my feet and i didn't notice a shoe left on the stairs. i went sliding down on my back, cracking samuel's head against the wall and jacking up my left foot. i have bumps and bruises on my elbow and hip, but the baby is totally fine and so is sam's head.

*the day i went for a tumble was also the day that i decided to pull out the potty chair from the garage and see how interested sam is in it. he had just finished dirtying his diaper when i sat him on it, so i thought it would be harmless to let him sit on it naked while i took his diaper outside to the trash. when i came back in, he was proudly holding 2 handfulls of poop. i think i handled it well, praising him for going, and helping him put it all in the toilet, while silently screaming "ewww! ewww!" the entire time. the potty chair hasn't made much of an appearance since.

*i was seriously discouraged about my body's ability to gain WAY too much weight during pregnancy after my first visit to a dietician. she was quite harsh with me and gave me some completely inane and ridiculous advice, which after speaking with friends who actually know something about nutrition, i decided to ignore. i am doing my part, however, to eat even healthier and i'm going crazy on the veggies now, making large batches of scratch soups and fun, colorful salads. i have a feeling that no matter what i eat, i'll still gain an enormous amount of weight, but my goal will remain to eat as healthy as possible and to not get discouraged and give up just because the scale doesn't say what i'd like it to. (and i'll be open enough to share that i've gained 16 lbs so far in this pregnancy, 5 of those pounds piling on just in one weekend. oi.)

*this time change sucks. its been almost a week and my youngest still hasn't gotten the hang of it. he goes to sleep at night an hour later than normal and wakes up an hour earlier than normal, so he's only been getting 10 hours of sleep at night. this makes for a very grumpy little boy who is already beginning to throw himself on the floor, crying when he doesn't get his way, 2-year old style. its just lovely. oh, and he still enjoys eating dirt whenever possible.

this post was supposed to be short, so i'll end it here before i get too carried away. have a great weekend, everyone!


kelly ens said...

i'm glad you're all ok after your fall!
i can't believe he filled his fists with poop!!! OH MY WORD! you dealt with it better than i probably would ;)
have a wonderful time with your parents!
Be healthy during your pregnancy - don't worry about the numbers. if there's need to be concern, your doc will tell you, but you just do what you can without going crazy ;)

Miranda said...

I just made a big batch of soup too.

I gain weight like that too, sometimes that fast. I've gained 12 lbs already, and its so frustrating cause its not like I'm eating mars bars for breakfast or anything. Sigh, I guess we are just like that.

I hate seeing the numbers and getting unreasonable advice. I'm just eating veggies, and cutting back on the starches a lot. It may all be in vain, but I don't think I will care.

Jennifer gave me a suggestion, to keep kind of a journal as to what I'm eating. I might, cause its proof that to my dr that I'm trying. Then again, I might not because I hate seeing the bad things on the page, like the occasional bowl of ice cream, or penny candy.

Anika Lacerte said...

Well, at least he wasn't eating the poop! It doesn't really make me want to start potty training (not that I wanted to before). You know, I think other people's poop stories are a lot funnier than my own.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I salute your using an ice cream flavor for paint color inspiration. I actually took a pint of green tea ice cream to the paint store to get just that color for our living/dining area.
As to weight gain: I am weirded out about some doctors limiting pregnancy weight gain to 15 lbs. Just eat healthy and don't make it about arbitrary numbers.

Anonymous said...

Jeeeeez, Heidi! I sure am glad you and the kids are o.k. after the fall.

Pistachio is a great color, can't wait to see it!

Mark L.

Lovella ♥ said...

oh the color is fantastic. .wonderful choice.
I am so glad you are okay after your fall. This accident is certainly less traumatic than your last pregnancy accident. .and now that you got it out of the way .. we can all breathe easy.
Oh and about the weight. are totally on the right track. I have been making a pot of soup every week for our lunches too and healthy.

Neha said...

Hope you are fine after the fall. Must have hurt a lot.

Don't worry about the weight and yes, eat lots of nutritious things. One thing that my paternal aunt suggested a friend was to start the day with an apple (tea/coffee after that only).

Amy@Sassy Scarlett said...

I always love a good poop story, haha! And I agree about the time change, it has made my kids crazy, I can't wait until we get back into the swing of things. Glad to hear you guys are safe after your tumble, that story freaked me out. You stay safe out there!!

Jessica said...

Oh Samuel!!! At least he was proud of his work ; ) Blasted stairs! So glad you're all ok. Hope you're having the best time with your parents, how inspiring & awesome that you get to see each other often. I want to see this pistachio wall color! Her room is going to be dreamy! Said it before, I'll say it again, you look beautiful & methinks nutrition lady is crazy. And the time change can kiss my grits.

Jennifer said...

We eat beets for entertainment.
Seriously. The boy's new favorite veg he asks for. For real. Not kidding.

It's no fun getting knocked around is it? :(
Can't wait to know what your spring break has been like with your parents there.
xox to all.