Wednesday, July 13, 2011

counting down

samuel had his 2 year checkup this morning (he's 15th percentile for weight and 60th for height if you care about those things) and i was so involved with wrangling one bossy boy and one mischievous boy into the exam room that when the nurse asked me when i was due, i stared at her, just blinking for a few moments before i remembered that i was pregnant and that i am due in a mere 2 weeks. that is how forgetful i am. its gotten worse each time i've been pregnant to the point where i am now misplacing money, sunglasses, my wallet, important papers, my flip flops, the books i'm currently reading and, of course my car keys. ALL THE TIME. i'm late for everything, forget to feed my boys lunch and often have to scramble to figure something out for dinner because even though i've got good intentions and make a weekly menu, that doesn't mean that i'll actually remember to take what i need out of the freezer.

but forgetting that i'm pregnant? even i think that's a little odd. at night time its impossible to forget because if i'm not dreaming about delivering babies, then i am taking 5 minutes to roll out of bed in order to go potty at 12:00am, 2:00am, and 4:00am. i am also re-arranging pillows constantly to accommodate the uncomfortable pull of my belly and also to elevate my feet which resemble water balloons about to pop by the end of the evening. but during the day (especially a day like today which is a lovely, cool 75 degrees) i can honestly get caught up in just doing my day to day mommy thing that there are times when it suddenly hits me how soon i'll be cuddling a tiny newborn and i have no choice but to be blown over by this fact as tears prick my eyes. and don't even get me started on envisioning josh holding his daughter for the first time, that just turns the tear pricks into streaming waterfalls.

at this point with both of my previous pregnancies, i was impatient and frustrated. with tristan, i was told that the baby would for sure come early (which he did, by 10 days) and that just made every single moment of every single day seem unbearably long to wait. with samuel, we had hoped and prayed that he would stay put until at least 34 weeks after going into pre-term labor at 27 weeks, so when the 34th week came and went and especially after the 37th week, i was so ready to begin walking on my own again and meet my little miracle baby that i couldn't handle the fact that he was taking so long. (he showed up 3 days early, so i've no idea what i was complaining about). this time, i can honestly say that i'm feeling much more serene and content and i just want her to come in her own time. sure i've had days where its 86 degrees in the house and i'm in a horrible mood and i feel like not being pregnant anymore would be a wonderful idea, but for the most part i'm just cherishing my last pregnancy, knowing that i'll never be participating in growing a miracle ever again.

tristan, by the way has asked baby ava when she'd like to come out and he has informed me that she wants to come out on friday. when i asked him whether she'd like to come out on this friday, or next friday, he said, "next" very matter-of-factly and i can't help but wonder if he knows something that we don't (like how he was convinced she was a girl before we knew for sure). josh is thinking she'll be here on the 24th, which is also the same day my mom is planning on flying down. i really really want my mom to be here for the delivery this time, so i'm hoping that neither josh nor tristan are correct in their guesses. my guess is that she'll be here on the 28th, a day after her due date. both me and my sister have birthdays on the 28th (though not of this month) and i like even numbers. and thursdays. we'll soon see who is right!


Julie said...

Haha, I loved reading the late in the pregnancy descriptions :o) Very cute. I was wondering if I will actually kind of enjoy our last pregnancy. Im not a big fan of being pregnant, but if I knew it was my last? Maybe. Cant wait till shes here! Sam sounds like my boy (his percentiles), skinny and longish.

kelly ens said...

oh, pregnancy forgetfulness :) cute!
love that you are so content at the end of this pregnancy...hoping she arrives when your mom is there :)

Christy B. said...

Love your posts, as always! I came home the other day and saw "California" on my call display (and a number I didn't recognize though). I got REALLY excited as I thought it was baby news! I listened to my messages, only to find out that it was some woman trying to sell my credit card insurance. She would have got an earful if I had actually been home to pick up that call!!

Thinking and praying for you all often!

Love ya!
Christy :)

Jessica said...

Oh the guessing!!! I love how each babe has their own unique story. And the unexpected cool weather this week has to make the wait that much sweeter, right? ; )

Cherie said...

i agree with you... the 28th would be perfect:) You have no clue how much I wish I was flying down too. :< It makes me sad.