Monday, January 30, 2012

facebook free february

i've never been great at keeping new year's resolutions, (but honestly, who is?) so i didn't make one single resolution this year. it felt sort of freeing to continue to live my life without the added pressure of bettering myself, yet i also felt kind of lazy for being so stagnant. when a good friend and i got into a conversation about facebook last week, she mentioned that she was going to try going without facebook for one month. it wasn't until later when she emailed me the post that inspired her decision, that i got inspired myself  and realized that this could be a really, really good thing for me to do as well.

facebook has been wonderful for me, in keeping me connected at a time in my life when i could feel so secluded and alone. its my tiny window into my hometown, seeing pictures of recent snowfalls and reading about high school friends' new babies. its my playdate scheduler, my photo organizer, my antedote for days when i just want to chat with someone over the age of 5. yet even though i don't have a "fancy phone" with a facebook app, even though our computer is tucked away upstairs, i still find myself checking facebook more often than i really need to. my hope is that every time i feel like reading my newsfeed, i will instead sit down with my kids and read them a book. every time i feel like sharing a photo, i will instead make a memory with my family. every time i feel like venting a status update, i will instead take that time to pray. and every time i feel like i need to chat with an adult, i'll do just that via the old fashioned telephone.

i'll still be online to email and perhaps update my blog more (wouldn't that be a miracle?!?), but i had to make the difficult decision to stifle my inner geek and eliminate online tetris for the month of february as well. otherwise i'd more than likely just replace facebook with tetris and the point of this whole thing would be lost. so...... i'll let you know how things go.


Julie said...
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Julie said...

Good for you Heidi! FB is my number 1 time waster. I try to just check it when the girls are napping but I find myself doing it way more times than just that couple of hours. Something Im really convicted about. When I cant get on (like when my baby was in the NICU) very often I dont even really miss it, you know? Its like an obsessive compulsive problem, like if I dont get on (on normal days) I'll miss out on somehting. Anyway, I may have to try to do this sometime, not to be a big copy cat or anything, but dont be surprised if you see me saying for the month of --- I will be off FB :o)

Julie said...

BTW I would LOVE it if you posted on your blog more during the month of Feb! Your my favorite blog to read :o)

Bridget said...

hi heidi! good for you for taking a break from facebook! i hope you feel the same freedom i have experienced. good luck in your endeavors. i will be back to check on how it goes :) i hope you have a nice week!

Neha said...

Now that's something I could try too....good luck to you...will soon be aboard with you :)

P.s - love the new look of your blog :)

Cherie said...

I have been finding more and more that no one is on facebook anyway! As long as you are posting on the kids blog and yours I'm happy!