Wednesday, February 01, 2012

day 1

last night i de-activated my facebook account. this morning, i turned on my computer and what was the first thing i did? signed into facebook! as soon as i hit "log in" i realized what i was doing and just wailed, "nooooo!" i had to de-activate the thing all over again and then immediately changed our homepage so that won't accidentally happen again. its amazing all of these little habits that are formed without us thinking much about them.

it wasn't an easy day. neither josh nor i feel very well. samuel seems to be coming down with what will be his 2nd ear infection in the past 3 weeks and the poor little guy is just a tangle of whines and whimpers and tears and snot. tristan gets songs stuck in his head and sings a line or two all day long so that they're stuck in my head as well (today it was "zippity do dah" and yesterday it was "suzy snowflake"). ava should be perfecting the fine art of sitting up without toppling over, but would way rather be held or better yet, be mobile RIGHT NOW, and she is not really digging the pureed veggies i attempt to feed her throughout the day, preferring instead to snack on my milk at all hours of the night. all of these things combined brought on an eye splitting headache and an almost irresistible urge to sit in front of the computer and zone out while rotating tetrimos falling from the sky, but i refrained.

i'm very proud of myself. and i'm also very hopeful that reading books, making memories, prayers and telephone chats that i intended to replace my computer time will actually take place some time soon.


Julie said...

Our laptop crashed a couple of days ago and so we were without internet for that time. I got A LOT done. We've had the flu here so I got cleaning done and did school with my son without getting annoyed with him. It was kind of nice. We couldnt afford a new computer till our tax return gets here. But then a sweet friend let us use their extra laptop. So here I am, back online. Yay, but bad too... Hope your month goes well and that you all start feeling better soon. I am having the same nuring issues with my baby right now too. She crawls around the house whinning because she would like nothing better than to sit and nurse the whole day long. I really should be trying to cut the feedings down since Im pregnant but she doesnt want anything to do with that.

Neha said...

I rarely come online when am home. If I do, it's for reading blogs. And I have been able to stay away from FB for the addiction has worn off.

Hope you are able to get going with things you have planned and trust me, you won't miss anything :)

Hoping that Samuel feels better soon.


Jessica LaTour said...

You crack me up! "Noooooo!!!" ; )

Grandma J. said...

It was so nice to chat with you last night, almost like old times. May you find this time of no fbook refreshing. Love you. XO

Miranda Turney said...

Thats a wonderful idea Heidi. I am praying for your strength friend. And sanity. :) Hope akk is well back in CA

Anonymous said...

Facebook is just a distraction, making memories is better, you did the right thing--but don't quit blogging!!!

Mark L.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read your Pepper Tree Dance post from when Tristan was littler. Special moments.

Do you want to make some memories for the boys by having them call us or Skype with us in Korea? I know Kaiser would love to talk with them.

We just introduced him to Toy Story this week and both Mark and I were transported back a few years when we were desperately searching Montrose for a Buzz Lightyear with working wings. :}

Email me at and we can talk about a good day and time for a chat if you'd like.

-Tamara L