Tuesday, February 07, 2012

day 7

a confession: i cheated today. i played tetris. not just once but TWICE. and i got a very good score and it felt good. and then immediately it felt bad cuz i knew i had cheated and i knew that i needed to confess, so here i am. i will try very hard not to do that again.

not checking facebook, however, has been really easy. i've made cookies and play-doh with the boys, played with them in the backyard more and am pages away from finishing a book that is almost due back at the library. tristan and i have been working together on the baby book that he is creating for his sister. he loves writing and is getting so good at it that i think its about time i teach him the lower case letters.

we're going to make that sock puppet together today. tristan and sam pulled the dress up clothes out this morning and came downstairs as spider man sam and doctor tristan. sam tried to scare his little sister, but she just giggled at him and pulled his face mask off. tristan told me that my baby had an ear infection, a sore tummy, a fever and a broken leg. he administered shots to each ear to heal them, wrapped her little leg up tight and then told me that the key to helping her tummy ache go away was to feed her milk, cheerios and lemonade.

apparently my kids are starving to death the way they're wailing for food, so i'd better attend to that now.


kelly ens said...

i'm very impressed with Tristan's letters; especially the space between each letter.

Anita said...

don't be too hard on yourself - atleast you're trying,

Anonymous said...

No one can resist Tetris, we're all junkies.

Thanks for the family update.

Mark L.

Jessica LaTour said...

Nothing wrong with a little Tetris, it keeps the mind sharp ; )

Sounds like a lot of fun things are happening at your house! And I'm VERY impressed with Tristan's handwriting!