Sunday, May 20, 2007

three years ago today...

three years ago today, i awoke early in a strange new room, full of anticipation and excitment. i had yet to unpack my suitcase save for one simple white sundress with a green ribbon, which was hanging in the closet, ready to be worn.

three years ago today my future husband picked me up in the morning and we went to get a marriage license, both giddy with the knowledge of what was about to happen.

three years ago today i slipped the white dress over my head. my mom was there to zip it up. my sister was there to tie the green bow. my best friend was there to smile and tell me how beautiful i looked.

three years ago today we arrived at the beach at Del Mar. a small procession of friends and family made our way to a secluded spot and, without further ado, the ceremony began. there were no large bouquets of flowers; the bride held a yellow gerbera daisy. there were no violinists playing Canon in D; the ocean waves provided the backround music. there was no long flowing veil or black tuxedo; the groom wore jeans and neither wore shoes. it was utterly simple and romantic.

three years ago today i became the wife of an amazing man.

happy anniversary, josh. i love you more now than i did on that day.

forever, your ~H