Wednesday, October 29, 2008

no longer a closet halloween hater

i've been gradually pushing tristan's bedtime forward bit by bit the past few days in preparation for the clock change on sunday. i've no idea if its helping at all....seems not to be. yesterday he fell asleep at 8:15 and was up this morning at 4:30 anyways. i'm very tempted to just keep him up till 9:00 or even 10:00 on saturday evening and see what happens.....only thing is i'm afraid of having a very grumpy yet wide awake little boy at 4:30 the next morning. and so the experimenting continues!

this evening i was driving to bible study with tristan in the back seat and i was singing along very loudly to a counting crows song. i must not sing loudly in the car very often because, when i looked in my rear view mirror, tristan was staring at me with a puzzled frown on his face. i kept singing my little heart out and the next time i looked in the rear view, he had his finger to his lips and was very forcefully telling me to "shhhh!" i had a good laugh about that because, truly i do NOT have a good singing voice and my son is clever enough to realize that already!

i'm instant messaging my little brother while writing this post and we're discussing details of his visit next week. looks like he'll be driving down to stay with us for awhile! he hasn't come down to see us in years, so it will be nice to have him. he adores his nephew and i know tristan won't take long to warm up to him. james is potentially on the brink of some serious changes in the direction his life is going right now and i'm very excited for him. i know that God is going to use him mightily, whatever path he chooses and it will be so great to have him here and have some long talks with him.

is anyone else looking forward to halloween being over as much as i am? i'm so done with the decorations everywhere and especially the lifelike figure of a man hanging by his neck from a house down the street. whenever tristan and i walk past it he gets really scared and wants me to hold him. i always thought that my distaste for the holiday would lessen once my child was old enough to dress up and go trick-or-treating, but i still really dislike the whole thing. we'll dress tristan up in his little english soccer uniform and bring him to the harvest festival at our church where i'm sure he'll have a blast, but i have no desire to subject him to the scary costumes and sugar highs of door- to-door candy begging. 3 more days and it will all be over, HOORAY! now, if i could only say the same thing about my morning sickness...


kelly said...

I so hope Tristan starts sleeping better for you soon. i remember that Taeya would always have a rough night (and early morning) the later she went to bed...any chance he's over-tired and needs to go to bed earlier? I've heard that's the case for some (merely a obviously know tristan best!) :)
i'm a halloween-(hater) too. i don't want to take taeya trick-or-treating because i don't need her seeing all the ghosts, witches, etc that people dress up as or decorate their homes with. i wish our church did a harvest festival; might have to start my own with our life group next year.

Jenn & Wade said...

That is so disgusting that people decorate like that.....we have a wherewolf hanging from his neck in our neighborhoood...thankfully the kids haven't noticed. I hope Tristan does catch onto sleeping soon, I know it is not good when a mommy doesn't get her sleep (speaking from personal experience=)
We are so happy for you guys with your announcement and I think it is better having two than one because then they can play and keep each other entertained. Of course you have to survive the 1st year of finding the older sibling sitting on top of the baby in the bassinet, being dumped upside down in their bouncy chair etc. etc. After all that they still end up being great friends and it is good.=)

rachel joy said...

I hate it too. I was even more bothered when I went into Canadian Tire the other day and they had Christmas decorations out, right next to the Halloween stuff. That's just not right. I'm with you, just a few more days and it's gone for another year. (We're taking our boys to a harvest party too.)

Lee said...

bah humbug!!
My Momma will call me tommorow and say how even sweet Heidi doesnt like halloween!! (hi mom ;)
I am exited for the kids, and I get excited like a kid! Bring on the candy!

Charlene said...

Heidi, I was just thinking exactly the same thing yesterday as I was walking through the mall decorated so lovingly with skulls and zombies and witches and dead people in coffins oh and don't forget the lovely mini Halloween train that has a big blow up Grim Reaper by the tracks. I hate Halloween, can you tell. I will be soo, soo glad when October is over. I'm thinking next year of not even going into the mall. It just gives me the willies.

p.s i really, really, hope and pray that Tristan sleeps more so you can sleep more.

Shannon said...

I could do without all the dead stuff everywhere. I think public business should only be allowed to decorate with cutsie images so that they are safe for children. Happy ghosts, pumkins and such don't bug me. The dude holding his head with fake blood just isn't cool.

Jennifer said...

My kids adore James too.
Actually, I quite admire him myself.
In fact, he could swing by and pick up a package I'm putting together for your little boy!
Gosh I'm brilliant sometimes.
Course I'm just kidding as I know I must be too late with this and also my place is technically out of the way....*sigh*

Anyways, do you all make it though the first 30 minutes of 'saving private ryan' ever? Or the last Rambo movie?
What about UFC ?
I plan on desensitizing my kids to this stuff asap so that it doesn't phase them.....ahaaaahaaahaa now you know I'm all nuts!
Just teasing in love :) ...forgive me, I couldn't help myself.

Naomi said...

Luke, on the days I have him, will cry to not go to the places with "the scary man" in them. I wish public places didn't have to get all goughly and goblinish.