Tuesday, November 11, 2008


so, last night during the commercials for "jon & kate plus 8" i was flipping back to the food network channel which was showing various sorts of favorite appetizers from around the country. it showed them making something called "empanadas" which, though i've lived near mexico for 4 1/2 years now, i've never actually tried one. they looked sort of like dumplings or pot stickers, though i hadn't changed the channel in time to see what sort of filling they contained. once they were baked to golden brown perfection, they reminded me of samosas. and my poor little pregnant brain attached itself to the idea of samosas and it will not let go. i'm STILL craving samosas 18 hours later and my stomach refuses to agree to the thought of any other food entering it. the rather large problem i have is that there are no restaurants nearby that carry samosas. we have a little "rice king" that sells over-fried egg rolls, but i have a feeling my picky tummy will be able to tell the difference. i suppose i'll have to turn the tv on again and see what else there is to crave.

uncle james left this morning for colorado. he is hoping to see the grand canyon on the way. we had a lovely time with him...i don't think i've ever seen my son warm up to someone (especially a male someone) so quickly. i know that when tristan wakes up from his nap, he'll be asking for "jee" (jee evolved from chee which evolved from tsee) and i'll have to explain to him all over again that jee went bye bye, but we'll see him again at christmas time. and tristan's lower lip will quiver just a bit until i suggest some juice while watching thomas and then he'll snuggle in close and i'm sure his little brain will be wondering exactly what christmastime is and hoping that it will happen real soon.

i have lately just been completely awestruck by the changes in tristan, how he is growing up and understanding so much more. his ways of communication are adorable, since his actual vocabulary is quite small. he likes to "tell stories" with gestures and sound effects, explaining to daddy exactly how and where he fell on the stairs, or showing me how daddy meant to kiss him on the mouth, but got his eye instead. he listens to EVERYTHING we say, even when we don't realize he is listening. whenever i use the word "scream" in a sentence while talking to someone, tristan will give a little scream of his own to let me know he's listening, followed by a "Shhhh", telling himself to quiet down. he's also started really interacting with his toys, making noises for the cars and trucks, crashing them into each other (how did he know that boys are supposed to do that?) and sharing his snacks with all of them, especially his little woody doll character from "toy story" that he found in the 15c bin at the thrift store. in the bathtub, he likes to make his foam dinosaurs fight and "roar" and then kiss each other.

i especially enjoy watching him around other kids his age. i accidentally came upon a mom's group at the park a week ago and have decided to join them since tristan is close in age to many of the boys there. compared to the other boys, tristan is much more observant. he holds back and watches for quite awhile, then when he's ready to join in, he holds out his hand and says "mommy" wanting me to go with him. once i've gone on the slides and swings with him for awhile, he usually begins to try it out on his own. the other boys are much more loud and boisterous than he is, but he doesn't seem to get intimidated too easily. he just does his own thing, sometimes copying what they are doing, sometimes watching and laughing at them. i love seeing his little personality emerge and i pray that his observant nature will lead to an empathetic and compassionate heart.

samosas still on the brain.....i have GOT to do something about this!


running wildly said...

Sigh. And to think that I have an Indian Food store within walking distance of my home. I'm sorry hun, I wish you were here to have a samosa with. We'd walk down together in the *rain* and eat the greasy goodness whilst sipping a cup of chai tea.
Makes me miss you even more.
PS. Are you available tomorrow for me to call?

Sarah said...

Hi Heidi,
When I read about the Mexican empanadas, I was waiting for you to say you had Josh take a trip down there to pick some up for you...I've heard about these pregancy cravings!
I happened upon a blog the other day while I was "blog surfing" and I think you'd really enjoy it. Christian mom with 4 kids, the last one wasn't "supposed" to make it. It's pretty amazing!
Sarah :)

Jennifer said...

I guess you'll have to look up in a cook book and make em youself....mmmmm samosas.

Grandma J. said...

Now you've got me craving eggrolls and I'm not pregnant. It's the picture you posted - they look like eggrolls. Tristan is so expressive - I hear the changes and more words that I recognize, every week.

Lovella said...

I so hope that someone within reasonable distance fetches you a samosa. . .if I didn't know for sure that they would kill you if I sent some in the mail . ..that is what I'd do .. .please Lord .. .send Samosas to my friend Heidi. . .(can't wait to see who will bring you one first) .
Oh .. and darling Tristan and his scream and shh .. oh what a cutie battootie.

Lori said...

Rice King will NOT work! Yick. When I was pregnant I craved Panda Express all the time. Problem was we didn't have one in Ramona. Now I have one five minutes from my house.

Maybe if a birth mother picks us I'll start craving it. :-) Or maybe I'll crave it just because...

James A said...

I looked it up, and the nearest Indian food is in Poway, 14897 Pamerado Rd.
Called Indian Tandoor. There's also a Passage to India in SD. Hope that helps ;)

Danielle said...

Max is observant and not as rambunctious as other kids at the park as well. Sometimes I fear he will not be able to hold his own, but God made him this way and he usually has a good time and can end up playing in the group without the "mow down".

I would love to see a pregnancy pic! If you don't want to share it here, I do totally understand, but take one for your scrapbook for this new wombling cause it is going to go so fast. And it is fun to do the comparisons of then and now....ya know?

Dena said...

I totally don't even know what samasas are...I thought they were some sort of alcoholic drink!

Anyway, too cute that your brother actually found where you could get them....how long did it take you to pack the child in the car and get your prego belly down there?

Just wait till the new baby arrives,you're going to see so many MORE changes in Tristan. So much fun to see the older sibling. It still amazes me.

Happy eating, I craved Kentucky Fried Chicken and Enteman's dougnuts. :o)